Big News! Non-Muslim Unmarried Couples In The UAE Can Now Undergo IVF Treatment

by Anupriya Mishra
Big News! Non-Muslim Unmarried Couples In The UAE Can Now Undergo IVF Treatment

According to a new ruling passed in the UAE, unmarried non-muslim couples can now undergo IVF treatment. Yes, going by a report of The National News, it was revealed that this new decree allows such couples to apply for the procedure given, they agreed to register the child under both their names. Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that Muslim couples, however, have to show proof of marriage before they undergo this miraculous procedure.

Non-Muslim Couples Can Now Undergo IVF In The UAE

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After a change in the law, now non-Muslim couples can undergo IVF treatment in the United Arab Emirates. So, if they have no marriage certificate, they can seek permission from the health authority in order to undergo an IVF procedure. It’s worth mentioning that this change has come as an effort on the part of the UAE to update laws keeping the needs of more people who are living in the country. It should be noted that non-married couples who wish to try for this procedure, will have to first submit an acknowledgement. Yes, this will confirm the lineage of the child and that it will be attributed to either of them. After this, their declaration would have to be approved by their home country, which would also become the nationality of the child.

This Is In Line With Other Changes Recently Introduced

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This is also important because the new ruling has removed the clause, which stated that it was illegal for couples to use another woman’s help to carry their child. It is worth noting that although surrogacy is forbidden in the Middle East, it is allowed in Iran. However, it should be noted that for this, the surrogate and the parents to be married. Not to mention, this development comes after it was also recently revealed that the freezing of embryos was unbanned in the UAE. This change also comes along with other slew of changes wherein now Abu Dhabi allows a single mother to register their child without the need for a father or a marriage certificate.

You Can Also Electronically Apply For Marriage Contracts

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It was also not too long ago that we announced that the marriage procedure in the UAE is bound to become more streamlined with the expat population. We are talking about couples now being allowed to electronically apply for marriage contracts. As a result, this will eliminate the need for physical visits to government offices or waiting in long queues. As a result, applying couples will be able to fill out the necessary paperwork online.

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Once this application is submitted, after approval and payment for procedures are also handled online, the next step would be booking a remote signing contract appointment. This will also be done through a video conferencing facility. So, you can sign your marriage contract from anywhere globally! Although, a stable Internet connection is a must. Moreover, the digitally signed marriage contract document is also delivered electronically.

This eliminates the need to wait for the physical document to arrive.

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