Here Are All The Big Things You Can Gorge On In India

by Kritika Kukreja
Here Are All The Big Things You Can Gorge On In India

This is for the ones with a big appetite. Whether you’re planning to go with a group or by yourself, you oughta try these large portions of food when you’re in Mumbai! Try out their 7 inch burger, or even the monster of a pizza, but first prepare yourself for a heavy meal! Here are food dishes served in India that aren’t for the weak hearted –

1. Baahubali Thali, House Of Paratha – Pune

House Of Paratha at JM road serves the grand Baahubali Thali and it takes 5-6 people to finish it. There are a few famous locations in Pune for unlimited eating, but nothing beats this thali served at House Of Paratha. The Baahubali movie might be a feast for your eyes on the screen, but the thali is even better. It has Devasena Paratha, Kattapa Biryani, Sivagami Shaahi Pakwan, Bhalladeva Patiala Lassi, and the giant Baahubali Paratha that tops the list. The accompaniments include 5 types of farsan and fried snacks, 5 varieties of sweet dish, a drink or shake, salad, pickles, chutney and topped with 3 types of ice cream. It is served in a giant steel thali and you will have to wait at least an hour for your thali to be served to you. Or you can simply call the restaurant before arriving so that your order is prepared before you arrive.

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Address: B-19, CIFCO, Opposite Sambhaji Garden, JM Road, Pune
Phone: +91 7722071694, +91 7775977757
Approx cost: ₹1500 for Baahubali Thali  

2. The Everest, Brew Corner – Mumbai

The Everest at The Brew Corner in Vasai is known to be the tallest dessert in town which is the height of a tower of Jenga! It might be a bit too much for one person, but if you’re a major sweet tooth like me, why not have a go? The Everest (₹400) served at The Brew Corner is so tall that a steel rod keeps the tower in place. It starts with a layer of waffle in the beginning, drizzled with caramel sauce, followed by a brownie, chocolate sauce, a chocolate waffle and another brownie. Getting too much? That’s not all. Next comes another brownie, a waffle and a scoop of ice cream. Lastly, it is topped with some more ice cream, fresh cream and a waffle cone. You could bite off the cone directly or move onto it from the lower layers, choice is yours. But with each bite, it promises a hell lotta fun for the chocoholics!

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Address: 5 & 6, Emerald Wing, Near GG College, Vasai, Mumbai
Phone: +91 7798040046, +91 9765827497
Approx cost: ₹650 for two people

3. 4 Ft Long Dosa, RK Dosa Camp – Bengaluru

The ‘Family Dosa’ at RK Dosa Camp in Bengaluru is 4 feet long and can be eaten by an entire family. RK Dosa Camp might be your low-key outlet at Wilson Garden, but the quality of their dosa is top-notch. The Family Dosa is 4 feet long and served with liberal amounts of masala and chutney inside it. It is big and filling enough for an entire family of 4 to eat the dosa. Now who wouldn’t want to try out this monster of a dosa?! The interiors of RK Dosa Camp might not be grand, but if you’re prepared to have a wholesome meal then head straight to this place!

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Where: 320, 9th Cross, BTS Main Road, Wilson Garden, Bangalore
Phone: +91 9880359649, +91 7044884455
Approx cost: ₹200 for two people




4. 40-Inch Pizza, Gustoso – Mumbai

Pizza lovers unite! Because it’s going to take all of you finish this mighty, 40-inch pizza served at Gustoso In Khar & Kemps Corner. The 1 metre long, life-sized, rectangular pizza is baked in a wood-fire oven and you can choose multiple toppings! No more fighting about which kind’ve pizza to order. You can select your own pizza topping for your share. Millennial goals have been accomplished. Say hello to a mighty 40 inch pizza that’s served exclusively at Gustoso In Khar & Kemps Corner. Before you read any further, just remember one thing – people disappoint, but pizza is forever. 

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Kemp’s Corner – Plot 109, Kwality House, August Kranti Marg, Below Kemps Corner Bridge
Khar – Jharna Apartments, Dr BR Ambedkar Road, Khar West

Cost: ₹3000 for 40-inch pizza

5. The Godfather Burger, Howrah – Mumbai

The biggest and baddest of them all has to be the Godfather burger. Standing tall at 7 inches or 19 centimeters, its probably the tallest, as burgers go. Not many have dared to take a shot on the Godfather because it surely isn’t for the weak. The Godfather contains three patties, cheese slices, three types of sauces and onion rings inside it. Does that intimidate you already? You can choose between a variation of paneer and mutton as the patty inside. It may cost you up to ₹ 500.

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Address: Shop 3, Kamla Patra Chawl, S. B. Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai.
Phone: +91 7666452610, +91 9619157684
Approx cost: ₹500 for two people




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