Bihar Bridge Collapse: The Under-Construction 4-Lane Bridge Failed To Meet The Deadline 8 Times!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Bihar Bridge Collapse: The Under-Construction 4-Lane Bridge Failed To Meet The Deadline 8 Times!

The 4-lane Bihar bridge over the holy river Ganga collapsed in no time on Sunday evening. The bridge located in Bihar’s Bhagalpur was under construction, and the unfortunate collapse was captured on camera by the locals. A probe has been initiated for the same. Well, did you know that the bridge construction had missed its deadline eight times? Check out more facts about the bridge. 

Under-Construction Bihar Bridge Collapses

A four-lane Bihar bridge over the river Ganga collapsed like a house of cards. It was built by Maa Bhagwati Construction Begusarai at a cost of  ₹13 crore. 

A probe into the incident has been ordered by the state government. The bridge was being built between Aguwani in Khagaria district and Sultanganj in Bhagalpur. 

This is the second time that this bridge has collapsed. Last year, the reason behind its collapse was strong rain and wind. The construction of this bridge began in 2014, and it missed its deadline for completion eight times. 

Though, according to the eyewitnesses, when the bridge began to collapse, many men were working on it, the collapse did not report any casualties. (As per The Hindu)

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The Bridge Was Supposed To Be Ready By 2019

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, in February 2014, laid the foundation stone to construct this Bihar bridge in Khagaria. In March 2015, he inaugurated the work, which actually began in 2016. It was expected to be complete by 2019. 

But by March 2019, not even 25% of the work had been completed properly. Hence, the state government extended it to 2020 and then to 2022. The state government went on to extend the time for the completion of the project instead of penalising the company. 

In April 2022, the structure between two pillars collapsed due to strong rain and wind. There were questions raised about this, but no action was taken against the company. 

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