Japanese Tourists Charged 1 Lakh For A Meal At An Italian Restaurant. Check Italy’s Mayor’s Comment

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Japanese Tourists Charged 1 Lakh For A Meal At An Italian Restaurant. Check Italy’s Mayor’s Comment

Many of you have the habit of checking the restaurant’s reviews before walking in. Well, honestly, that is a very good habit to keep. It helps you know if the price is worth the quality and quantity of food before you end up regretting the visit. An incident will actually help you understand this better. Four Japanese tourists were charged a bill of around one lakh rupees for a meal at a restaurant in Italy. 

Japanese Tourists Charged Exorbitantly At Italian Restaurant

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Four Japanese students were charged about ₹99,520 or 970 pounds, at a popular restaurant in Venice, Italy. The four were charged this amount for dinner, which consisted of a plate of fried fish, water, and four steaks. 

The four dined at the popular restaurant near St. Mark’s Square, Osteria de Luca. They were studying Italian cuisine in Bologna. On their return, they informed the local authorities of the exorbitant charges. 

The group’s friends had dined at a different restaurant and were informed about a similar situation as they were charged  £301 which is ₹30,882 for seafood pasta’s three servings only. The incident resurfaced after 2018. (As per NDTV Food)

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Justice Will Be Served

The groups had complained about the same, and Italy’s Mayor Luigi Brugnaro promised that this episode would be verified. He also said that if this episode is confirmed, the ones responsible will surely be punished, as they are always for justice. 

This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred. In 2019, an Italian tourist complained about his experience at Caffe Lavena near St. Mark’s Square. For two water bottles and two coffees, the tourist was charged  £37 which is  ₹3796. 

There have been many similar incidents in the past, and the good part is that some of these tourists called out these restaurants on travel websites. Hence, it is always advised that one check the reviews, especially before dining at a restaurant in another country. 

Also, another pro tip will be to check your bill thoroughly before paying it so that you can ask questions and know the reason behind any extra charges levied. 

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Did you face any similar incident?

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