Biparjoy Becomes An Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm; Will Cross Gujarat Coast Around June 15

by Tooba Shaikh
Biparjoy Becomes An Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm; Will Cross Gujarat Coast Around June 15

The cyclonic storm that is currently taking place in the Arabian Sea, Biparjoy, is heading towards the Gujarat coast. It has severely impacted the arrival of monsoon in the country. The Indian Meteorological Department or the IMD is continuously reporting updates about the cyclonic storm. In a latest update, the IMD stated that the intensity of the storm is increasing. The storm had been growing increasingly intense. Now, it has become extremely severe.

Biparjoy Becomes An Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm

According to what the IMD tweeted on the micro-blogging website, the cyclonic storm is intensifying. Up until now, the storm was classified as a VSCS, which stands for a Very Severe Cyclonic storm. However, as of 5:30 AM this morning, the storm has grown even stronger.

It is now being classified as an ESCS, which stands for an Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm. Earlier in the previous week when the cyclone was detected in its initial stages, the IMD had issued an advisory to the fisherfolk warning them against going to the sea. It seems like the warning was not untoward.

The cyclonic storm is rapidly moving northwards and will soon hit the coastal regions of Gujarat and the adjacent Pakistani coasts.

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Will Cross Gujarat Coasts Around June 15

According to what the IMD tweeted, the cyclone is making its way northwards. It will cross the Gujarat coast, specifically the coasts of Saurashtra and Kutch. It will also hit the adjacent Pakistani coasts like that of Karachi.

As per the tweet by IMD, this particular storm will hit these coasts on the 15th of June, Thursday. The tweet specifically mentions that around noon of Thursday is when the cyclone will reach these coasts.

However, the cyclone has not just affected these parts. Many other coastal towns in India have been impacted. It even impacted the arrival of monsoon rains. Mumbai received one of its initial showers around 1 AM on the 11th of June.

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