Cyclonic Storm Biparjoy Intensifies Over Arabian Sea; May Hasten Monsoon In Kerala

by Tooba Shaikh
Cyclonic Storm Biparjoy Intensifies Over Arabian Sea; May Hasten Monsoon In Kerala

According to an article recently published by NDTV, a cyclonic storm is brewing over the southeast Arabian sea. The cyclonic storm has been named ‘Biparjoy’ which is pronounced as ‘Biporjoy.’ This name is given to the storm by Bangladesh. This storm may have major implications for the arrival of monsoons in different parts of the country. The Indian Meteorological Department( IMD) revealed important information about the approaching cyclone in a series of tweets.

Cyclonic Storm Biparjoy Intensifies Over Arabian Sea

The IMD took to Twitter and announced important details about the storm. In a tweet that was posted yesterday, they mentioned that over the next 24 hours, this storm may intensify into an SCS, which stands for Severe Cyclonic Storm.

In a follow-up tweet, the IMD mentioned that the storm may further escalate into a VSCS, which stands for Very Severe Cyclonic Storm. They also mentioned that the storm is moving northwards and may impact the arrival of monsoons in Kerala.

The NDTV article also mentions that the fishermen around the areas that may be impacted by the storm are advised to stay out of the sea and those who are already out there have been advised to return.

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May Hasten The Arrival Of Monsoon In Kerala

According to the private weather forecasting agency Skymet, the storm may quicken the arrival of the monsoon in Kerala. However, it will struggle to penetrate beyond the coastal regions and western ghats. This means that the arrival of monsoons in deep inland may be delayed according to this report.

However, some reports suggest that normal to below-normal rainfall is expected in the northwest region. In other parts of the country like the northeast, central and south peninsula, normal rainfall is expected.

Usually, the monsoon arrives in Kerala by the 1st of June. The date may vary by seven days but the first week of June usually marks the arrival of monsoon. Last year, it arrived on the 29th of May and before that, on the 3rd of June.

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