Blinkit User Complaints About Not Receiving Free Can Of Coke In The Delivery; Says, “Blinkit Is Doing Fraud”

X user shared his experience of ordering from Blinkit.

by Shreya Ghosh
Blinkit User Complaints About Not Receiving Free Can Of Coke In The Delivery; Says, “Blinkit Is Doing Fraud”

Delivery apps like Blinkit have made our lives a lot simpler by offering the convenience of getting things delivered to our doorstep in very little time. Platforms similar to this have become such an integral part of our daily routine. But with an increase in users, the numbers of complaints rise too. Recently, a Blinkit user shared a bad experience of ordering from the app.

Blinkit User Complained About Not Getting A Free Can Of Coke

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, md adil rashid khan (@mdadilrashidkh1) shared the screenshot of the order and his conversation with Blinkit Support.

According to the screenshots shared by the X user, he placed an order for 1 NIC Tender Coconut Ice Cream Tub of 500 ml and 1 Amul Butterscotch Gold Ice Cream Tub of 1 litre. The tub of NIC Tender Coconut Ice Cream cost him ₹270 with a discount and the Amul Butterscotch Gold Ice Cream Tub was priced at ₹260. The item total was ₹530 and including the handling charge of ₹2 and Feeding India donation of ₹1, the bill total was ₹533.

He shared how he got cheated by Blinkit after placing the recent order. According to the post, he was supposed to receive a free can of Coke along with his order but he was shocked to find that it was not added to the food parcel. Seeing it, he had a conversation with the store person and 3 people from customer care. Strangely, he was given 3 different reasons for not adding the free Coke can to his order.

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Here’s How The Delivery Service Company Responded To The Complaint

Blinkit User
Picture credit- Canva, X (formerly Twitter)/ md adil rashid khan (@mdadilrashidkh1)

The Blinkit customer shared a screenshot of his chat with Blinkit Support. After stating the issue and complaining about not receiving the free item along with his order, the support team informed him that it was out of stock which may have been the reason behind this problem.

“Unfortunately, the item was out of stock. It may have caused the issue. Please know that our freebies are only available while the stock lasts”, stated Sania from Blinkit Support.

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Have you used the delivery service app to order before? If yes, have you faced similar inconveniences before?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva, X (formerly Twitter)/ md adil rashid khan (@mdadilrashidkh1)

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