“Boatman Or Director In Disguise?” Asks Internet As Andhra Boatman Turns Impromptu Director For A Pre-Wedding Shoot

The video shows the boatman turning into a director for a pre-wedding photoshoot and suggesting the couple poses as well.

by Tashika Tyagi
“Boatman Or Director In Disguise?” Asks Internet As Andhra Boatman Turns Impromptu Director For A Pre-Wedding Shoot

A viral video from Andhra Pradesh shows a boatman assisting a couple in their pre-wedding shoot. The video shows the boatman helping the young couple by suggesting poses and demonstrating how they can achieve it! The best part is that the couple readily takes his advice and does as he suggests. The funny and wholesome video is winning the hearts of Netizens as well.

Andhra Boatman Turns Pre-Wedding Shoot Director For A Couple

Pre-wedding shoots have become a part of big fat Indian weddings now. People have become so used to it that they don’t even bat an eye when they see overdressed couples posing at famous monuments anymore. In fact, as it turns out, they help them with their photoshoots! In a now-viral video, a boatman from Andhra Pradesh is seen helping a young couple in their pre-wedding photoshoot by turning into their director.

As the video begins, you can see the couple struggling to come up with a pose. The boatman goes up to them and helps them by suggesting some poses and even guiding them on how they can achieve the pose. Like a pro-director, the boatman guides them and is seen telling them where to put their hands and legs throughout the video. And the sweet couple also takes his advice and follows it throughout their shoot!

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Internet Is All Praises For This Talented Boatman

boatman turns director
Image Courtesy: X/@Ananth_IRAS

The video of the Andhra boatman putting on his director’s hat for the pre-wedding photoshoot has won over the Internet. People love his energy and how sincere he seems while guiding the couple. Here are some of the comments on this post that you cannot miss out on.

This is one of the most wholesome videos we have seen on the internet today! Share your two cents on this in the comments!

Cover Image Courtesy: X/@Ananth_IRAS

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