Book Tickets For Taj Mahal Online; Offline Counters Will Close

by Sanjana Shenoy
Book Tickets For Taj Mahal Online; Offline Counters Will Close

India’s most visited monument, the Taj Mahal attracts over 7 to 8 million tourists annually. The white marble mausoleum built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal is a symbol of eternal love. In order to keep the sanctity of the mausoleum intact, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is planning to shut down offline counters at the Taj Mahal to reduce chaos and long queues. So, the next time you visit the Taj, you must book your tickets online, beforehand. Here’s how.

Offline Counters At Taj Mahal To Shut Down To Prevent Chaos

According to a report by India Today, ASI will shut down all offline counters at Taj Mahal, keeping only the option of online ticket booking, available. This will reduce chaos and prevent long queues at the iconic monument. Superintendent archaeologist, Agra Zone, Dr Rajkumar Patel said that arrangements are in place to simplify the online ticket booking system at Taj Mahal. Apparently, despite booking tickets online, tourists have also been buying tickets offline, which has led to complaints about black marketing.

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Online Ticket Booking Process To Be Simplified

To prevent the problems faced by tourists, only an online ticket booking system will be available. And will be further simplified. Currently, tourists need to visit the official website They need to fill in the monument they want to visit and the date and time for the same. Visitor details like age, gender, name and ID need to be filled. Agree to the terms and conditions and make the payment. While it’s a long process. You can expect a shorter less time cumbersome online payment process to visit the Taj in the near future.