Brazil: Severe Drought Likely To Affect Rio Grande do Sul; Heavy Floods Killed 172 Just 3 Weeks Ago

After major floods, Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil is likely to get hit by severe drought.

by Shreya Ghosh
Brazil: Severe Drought Likely To Affect Rio Grande do Sul; Heavy Floods Killed 172 Just 3 Weeks Ago

It is mid-2024 and yet many people do not care about the environment. It is mid-2024 and many still doubt climate change and its consequences. Different parts of the world have been battling severe global warming and climate change challenges for the past few years. Now, Brazil is also one of the countries witnessing the worst and most shocking aftermath of adverse weather conditions. Several parts of the country are likely to face severe drought and here’s everything you need to know about the events.

Severe Drought Is Expected To Hit Parts Of Brazil

Brazil Drought
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There are many reports mentioning destruction in the state of Rio Grande do Sul because of incessant heavy rainfall. The torrential rains wreaked havoc in the affected regions and killed more than 170 people. Many went missing and over 800 suffered from injuries. The same country that saw historical flooding and faced horrible experiences due to rain just three weeks ago now expects to get hit by severe drought in multiple places.

The Environment Minister Marina Silva recently warned about the natural calamities that might strike Brazil. According to information shared by the Minister, northeastern Caatinga started facing “moments of severe drought” already. The already devastated Rio Grande do Sul is expected to experience severe drought, according to a report by India Today.

Strong El Nino conditions have peaked and continue to torment several parts of the world. This climate pattern is one of the most crucial reasons behind an extreme temperature surge and adverse weather conditions in different places. Now, reports claim that La Nina is likely to return. This phenomenon can cause drier conditions in some parts of Brazil.

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The Present Weather Predictions Look Frightening

Brazil Drought
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Drought conditions are worsening in Brazil. It is indeed something crucial to be concerned about. Unfortunately, major destructions by massive downpours and chances of upcoming drought in the state of Rio Grande do Sul are not the end of the catastrophes. The Environmental Minister shared that there might be more fires in the initial months of the year.

Ahead of the drought in Rio Grande do Sul, a study revealed El Nino was a significant factor impacting torrential rains and severe flooding in Brazil.

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It is high time crucial efforts must be taken to bring the horrifying weather and climate changes under control.

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