I Had Breakfast On A Mountain Top 3250 Feet Above Sea Level At Serendipity Resort In Tamia

by Sanjana Shenoy
I Had Breakfast On A Mountain Top 3250 Feet Above Sea Level At Serendipity Resort In Tamia

They say, eat breakfast like a king. But what does that even mean right? Well for someone like me, who isn’t much of a breakfast fan, I didn’t realise that one experience in my life would totally convert me into loving the very first meal of the day. Not only did I gorge on a lavish meal fit for a king, but I was also perched right on top of a mountain. Yup! I was on top of the world. To quench your curiosity let me get into the details. I had an incredible breakfast on top of the mountain, 3250 feet above sea level at Serendipity Resort in Tamia.

Picture Credits: Gourmet Musafir

The Trek Before The Breakfast

I went to Serendipity Resort in Tamia, which is 180km from Nagpur. It’s located right on top of a mountain and is by the lush green Patalkot valley. Like all good things come to those who are patient, I was really inquisitive about this unique breakfast experience that this resort has to offer. Like I earlier said, I wasn’t much of a breakfast person, but the thought of opting for their mountain top breakfast and gorging on a lavish meal in the lap of nature, did seem to pique my interest.

We were to have breakfast at the highest peak of the Satpura Mountains, and before we did some pet puja, we did have to trek for it. Literally! With an able resort guide and a naturist, we set out for a 1 km trek up the hill at 7:30 in the morning. As we trekked up the mountain, the naturist enlightened us about the flora, fauna and the history behind the valleys and peaks. It was a difficult trek, as we did stumble along the way. But the sounds of the chirping birds, beautiful views and the clear air around us, just made everything seem so peaceful and serene.

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Mountain Top Breakfast

We reached the highest peak of Satpura at 8:30 am, after a tiring one hour trek. And we were greeted with a lavish breakfast spread right on top of the mountain, 3250 feet above sea level. There was a lovely dining table set up which was beautifully decorated with a clear white table cloth, black plates, napkins and cutlery. It made me wonder that it must have taken quite an effort for the staff at the Serendipity resort to arrange for this.

Picture Credits: Gourmet Musafir

We had a breakfast fare fit for the kings. Dishes like the Nagpur special, Tarri Puri, Cheese Sandwich, Chocolate Hazlenut Sandwich along with freshly brewed tea and coffee instantly drove away our tiredness. As I hungrily gorged on our delicious breakfast, I could see the clear blue unlimited sky, the fluffy clouds and the beautiful valley which on till my eyes could see. I could even watch vultures flying above me, and it was truly an extraordinary experience. If you’re from Bangalore here are 10 Best Breakfast Places In Bangalore To Cure Your Hangover For 2020

Picture Credits: Gourmet Musafir

The spicy chole with flavoursome Poha was really scrumptious, and since I’m a die-hard chocolate lover, I really enjoyed every bite of the Chocolate Hazlenut Sandwich. At that moment I savoured great food, got a sprinkle of luxury against the backdrop of pristine nature and I could also learn something new about the surroundings thanks to the naturist. It was a wholesome experience that did actually covert me into a breakfast fan.

Picture Credits: Gourmet Musafir

Trek To Chhota Mahadev Temple

After a sumptuous breakfast, I trekked downhill with the troop. Trekking downhill was much easier. We stopped at different points and viewed different sites like the volcanic eruption, ragged plateaus and sedimentary rock formations. Our guide took us to visit the Chhota Mahadev Temple which is a Shiva temple in a cave. The temple was so quiet, serene and really peaceful. We paid our respects to the divine and continued back to our resort after a wonderful meal, perfect darshan and a picturesque hike.

Picture Credits: The Dapperde (R.Debgupta)

So for all of you planning to visit Madhya Pradesh, let me recommend you the mountain top breakfast at the Serendipity Resorts in Tamia. It will definitely be a breakfast to remember.

Address: Serendipity Resort, near Forest Guest House, Tamia, Madhya Pradesh 480559
Mountain Breakfast Cost: ₹750 per person
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