British Airways Is Suspending Sales Of Short Haul Flights From London’s Heathrow Airport

by Ishita Agarwal
British Airways Is Suspending Sales Of Short Haul Flights From London’s Heathrow Airport

After the airport requested that airlines restrict new reservations, British Airways halted the sale of short-haul flight tickets leaving from Heathrow in London. The airline stated on Tuesday that they acted in response to Heathrow’s passenger capacity limit. The ban was originally scheduled to run until August 8 but quickly extended to August 15. 

London’s Heathrow Airport Facing Lots of Problems With The Increase In Travellers 

Heathrow Airport expressed happiness that its largest carrier complied with the request. However, they said that they were happy to see British Airways take action, behaving correctly and prioritising passengers.  As the airline sector continues to confront many issues, Europe’s busiest airport announced on July 12 that it would impose a limit of 100,000 daily leaving passengers.

Industry sources claim that while pilots attempt to make up for team shortages, luggage hasn’t arrived at the intended locations, large numbers of employees have staged walkouts, and things are in ‘absolute chaos.’ 


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Restrictions on Short Haul Tickets Of British Airways

Until Monday, domestic and European flights departing Heathrow, Britain’s largest airport, can’t sell tickets. However, travellers may still book short-distance flights to the airport.

The airline said it acted after Heathrow set a daily departure passenger limit of 100,000 until September 11. The airport directed airlines to cease selling tickets and cancel flights, prompting backlash.

After two years of pandemic travel restrictions, passenger traffic at Heathrow and other European airports has increased. Still, airports and airlines haven’t been able to keep up since they laid off tens of thousands of personnel during the worst of Covid-19. 

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