First Class Meal Of British Airways Leaves Internet Shocked And Here’s Why

by Sanmita A
First Class Meal Of British Airways Leaves Internet Shocked And Here’s Why

Food served on flights, trains or while travelling has always managed to surprise us in dreadful ways! We all have once in our lifetimes gone through a horrific experience of eating weird food while travelling. And, in case there is good food served, it makes us the happiest and most grateful beings on earth. But, what if you are travelling via a great airways brand and still end up receiving bad food! Worse feeling ever, isn’t it?

Hard Luck For A British Airways Passenger

The same, happened with a passenger of British Airways, who has of course bought tickets at a premium price and expected great food and services. Twitter user. Jane Hawkes shared the picture of her meal while travelling first class on British Airways and the sight isn’t pleasant!

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Netizens Shocked On Seeing The First-Class Platter

The meal served had cooked potatoes, mushrooms, and a slice of sausage. The sight of the meal left netizens horrified at what the airways were serving even after flying first-class.

Here are the reactions to Jane’s Twitter post –

We’re sure you’re shocked by the horrific image of food served at British Airways. People went ahead and shared their experiences with the other international airways and the meals they were served.

And, some among them did feel like a premium class platter.

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