Built In 1744 AD, This Amphitheatre In Assam Is Asia’s Oldest!

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Built In 1744 AD, This Amphitheatre In Assam Is Asia’s Oldest!

India is a place of exquisite architecture. Ever since civilization was established in this region, great minds came together to build the extravagance that we see even today. All of this happened before the invention of modern means or even engineering or architecture degrees. Still, the magnificence of the structure of old times is unmatched. India is home to so many of these structures, but we are still not close to finishing exploring them all. The one we are talking about today is exceptionally significant as it holds the title of being the first amphitheatre in all of Asia. Rang Ghar in Sivasagar was built in 1744 AD during the reign of the Ahom dynasty.

The centuries-long reign of this dynasty surprisingly missed attention whenever a discussion of powerful dynasties of India took place. The Mughals attempted to invade the Ahom Kingdom several times over the decades but to no avail. Such power and grandeur are quite evident in this structure built by King Swargadeo Parmatta Singha.

Rang Ghar Is The Oldest Amphitheatre In Asia

Rang Ghar Assam
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Imagine the kind of rush that used to surround this building when it was first built. Primarily used as a sports pavilion by the Royal family and their novels, Rang Ghar means a house of entertainment. And that is exactly what it was used for. Various sports events ranging from wrestling to bullfighting used to take place in the arena. It was also used as a spot for Bihu celebrations. What a thrilling vibe it must have been!  Would you believe that no cement was used to build this structure? That is right. This beauty stands strong on baked red bricks and a blend of eggs and rice.

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An Architecture With Brilliant Details

Beginning at the top of this monument, two crocodiles carved in stone sit on what looks like an inverted boat. The arches on Rang Ghar feature many sculptures. It also comprises a stairway that would lead to the area where all the dignitaries gather to enjoy all sorts of events. What used to be a spot of sports events and celebrations is now a sight worth seeing for modern-day India and reminiscing the glorious history of the Ahom Dynasty.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva