Bullet Train Corridor: First Pic Of 1.2 Km-Long Bridge Being Built Over Narmada River Is Here

by Shreya Rathod
Bullet Train Corridor: First Pic Of 1.2 Km-Long Bridge Being Built Over Narmada River Is Here

India is all set to have an advanced version of the high-speed rails— bullet trains! The first rail line to be built is the Mumbai–Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail Corridor. According to the authorities, the corridor is still under construction and will be India’s high-speed rail line. Recently, it was reported that the bridge that is a part of the bullet train corridor is being built over the Narmada River and will be completed by 2024. Take a look at its beautiful pic!

Take A Look At The Pic Of The Bridge Built Over the Narmada River!

The longest bridge on the 508 km Bullet Train line will be a 1.2 km long span over the Narmada river near the Gujarati city of Bharuch. According to National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL), the bridge will probably be finished by June 2024.

The Ministry Of Railways shared a beautiful pic that showed the near construction of the bridge. You could spot the scenic Narmada River with Green land on both sides. Since the pic was taken from the drone, you could see its construction going on!

It is one of the 20 bridges that will be constructed for the bullet train project. It will be the longest, followed by the 720-metre-long Tapi and Mahi bridges. By June 2024, they hope to have finished building all of the bridges.

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Construction Details Of The Bridge

narmada bridge
Credits: Wikimedia (Rep Img)

Pramod Sharma, the Principal Executive Director, stated that two temporary access bridges with a width of eight metres each are being built in two halves with a gap of 60 metres between them to enable passage in order to build wells inside the Narmada River stream.

He further added that the tidal action of the Narmada River may have had an impact on the river’s creation. To combat the effect of rising water levels during the monsoon, they have built a temporary access bridge at a specific height. Now they are able to work all year round.

Although the completion date for the entire corridor is uncertain due to difficulties in obtaining land in Maharashtra, the 352 km segment through Gujarat will fully open in 2027.

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This will happen after opening the sector’s 50 km stretch, from Surat to Bilimora, in August 2026.

Cover Image Courtesy: Ministery Of Railways/ Twitter