Bullet Train To The Moon And The Mars Might Soon Become A Reality

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Bullet Train To The Moon And The Mars Might Soon Become A Reality

We all have grown up seeing stories or news about astronauts going to space on a spaceship landing on the moon. Haven’t we all felt the urge to be one of them and go on mars or moon? Well, your dream might come true. Though this sounds like some sci-fi movie, Japan’s technology is coming up with a bullet train which will help us hop from planet to planet. Interesting!

A Glass Structure Will Take You To Space

The Weather Channel India has confirmed that Japan has plans to send humans to space on Mars and Moon in a glass habitat structure. The glass habitat structure will be absolutely comfortable for humans as it will imitate the gravity, topography and atmosphere of Earth. Artificial gravity will be created using centrifugal force which is caused by the rotation of Moon and Mars. In order to execute this plan, Japan’s Kyoto University’s researchers are currently working in collaboration with Kajima Construction. According to The Asahi Shimbun in Japan, it will take a century for the bullet train to become a reality. The researchers are planning to come up with a simplified prototype version by the year 2050. 

Pic Credits : Navbharat times

The Structure Will Be Built In The Shape of A Champagne Flute

This new age interplanetary transport system is termed as ‘Hexatrack’ by the Japanese researchers. The researchers are planning to build a habitat holding similar facilities like Earth. The narrow glass habitat structure would be known as ‘The Glass’ which will be built in the shape of a champagne flute. ‘Hexacapsules’ which are hexagonal shaped capsules with a moving device in the centre will be placed inside the bullet trains. The train’s station on the Moon and the Earth’s station will be known as The Lunar station and the Terra station respectively.  A mini capsule having a 15 metre radius will be connecting the Earth and the Moon using electromagnetic technology utilised by the Maglev trains of Germany and China. 

Pic credits: India Today

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