Bungee Jump Off A Crane In Dubai

by Dhruv Maniar
by Dhruv Maniar 902

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Bungee jump 50 meters off the ground from a crane at Gravity Zone, located right off Sheikh Zayed Road at the Power Play Football venue. 

What Is it? 

The Gravity Zone is Dubai’s first permanent bungee spot which is certified and also safe. The 50-meter jump can be done individually or your loved one can tag along too. Once you are up, soak into the views of the city. The gravity zone staff will not push you immediately and give you the option to jump after a minute or two or take the leap immediately, if you are ready. 

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What’s In It? 

A single jump will Cost AED 339 while a tandem jump will cost AED 499. According to the owners, the Tandem jump is quite popular amongst people. In tandem( partner jumps) the weight limits to 217kg between the couple and holding each other tightly is one of the safest ways. The jump can be done by anyone who weighs less than 120kg and is aged between 14 to 50 years. If you are above the age of 50, and still wish to jump then they will be happy do so only if “you provide a letter from your doctor saying you’re in good enough health”, as said by Ramez. 

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Location: Gravity Zone, located right off Sheikh Zayed Road at the Power Play Football Venue
Price: Single jump AED 339
Tandem jump AED 499
Call: 0563648778

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