Bunny Chow Is An Indian Dish That Originated In South Africa

by Kritika Kukreja
Bunny Chow Is An Indian Dish That Originated In South Africa

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Bunny Chow is an Indian dish that originated in Durban, South Africa and has just recently come to India.

What Is It?

Bunny Chow is an Indian – South African dish that originated in Durban, South Africa. It has finally come to India with a few quirky twists to it. It is so popular that the Durban – Bunny Chow got recognition on BBC.

South Africa also has the largest Indian community apart from India itself. Bunny Chow in South Africa was introduced by the immigrants from India who were slaves in South Africa. Convenient to carry as lunch to the field, traditional roti was replaced with a loaf of bread. 

We found 3 eateries in Mumbai serving Bunny Chow –

1. 145 Bandra (381)

This quarter loaf of bread is filled with hot, creamy butter chicken. Break into the fluffy bread &
dive into flavourful butter chicken! A combination of a fluffy bread loaf along with butter chicken sounds delish!

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Bunny Chow at 145, Bandra

2. NRI, BKC (600)

Quite a different way of preparing the dish at this eatery. The bread here is stuffed with a curry that has mustard seeds, curry leaves. This South Indian Bunny Chow is topped with a big banana chips & some slaw.

Bunny Chow at NRI

3. Bhookha Beirdo, Bandra (329)

Putting a vegetarian twist to the Bunny Chow comes this eatery. Here’s a vegetarian version of the
Durban dish that is topped with cheese. The hollow bread is stuffed with veg curry filled with onions and veggies. 

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Bunny Chow at Bhookha Beirdo


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