Burgers Beat Pizzas To Become More Preferred Fast Food In 2023 & There’s A Good Reason Why! 

by Sanjana Shenoy
Burgers Beat Pizzas To Become More Preferred Fast Food In 2023 & There’s A Good Reason Why! 

Would you prefer burgers over pizzas? Well, the verdict is out! In 2023, so far, burger consumption has outperformed pizza consumption. This means people are buying more burgers than pizzas. But why are burgers the more loved fast food dish instead of cheesy pizzas? Well, read on to find out.

People Prefer Burgers Over Pizzas In 2023

According to a report by The Financial Express, burgers are preferred over pizzas as they account for individual consumption. You buy one pizza and share it with your friends. But you’d need to buy one burger each when you’re with them. Westlife Foodworld and Jubilant Food Works’s growth rates, and burger sales have surpassed pizza sales in the past 5 quarters.

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And this trend will continue for long as food inflation is unfortunately on the rise in India. So, customers will focus on spending less money on non-essentials and focus on getting more value for the money they pay. Westlife handles  McDonald’s outlets in the west and south of India. Jubilant Food Works owns Domino’s Pizza in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

The Financial Express report further states that most burger joints promote combination meals. They serve burgers, fries and cold drinks where customers feel they are getting value for money. Also, a combination meal could cost as less as  ₹150 to ₹200. However, pizza toppings and sizes can cost much more.

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Individual Consumption Trumps Group Consumption

But pizza joints in India are bringing changes to encourage people to buy individual pizzas. Jubilant FoodWorks now charges just ₹49 to ₹69 for its Pizza Mania deal. Also, they offer two regular-sized pizzas for ₹99 just to increase their sales. While pizzas make up 28% of India’s Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) segment, burgers and sandwiches make up 31%.

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But this is not a small difference as restaurants serving burgers and sandwiches clocked in a growth rate of 19 to 22%. This is much larger than pizza restaurants, having a 13 to 18% growth rate.

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Also, the chances of hanging out in larger groups to order pizzas are fewer than ordering a burger for yourself when you’re hungry. One thinks it’s cheaper, has more value for money and there won’t be leftovers. In 2023, so far, burgers have out performed pizzas in sales. It could indicate a shift in the taste of customers in India.

Meanwhile, are you a burger or pizza person? I know my pick!

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