Burj Al Arab’s UMA Lounge & Terrace Moves Indoor For Summers, Outdoor Still Open For Evenings

by Deeplata Garde
Burj Al Arab’s UMA Lounge & Terrace Moves Indoor For Summers, Outdoor Still Open For Evenings

Alfresco restaurants have another level vibe but the charm is lost when summers arrive. But does this means we lose the views? Well not necessarily! Burj Al Arab’s UMA Lounge & Terrace said to enjoy the view being indoors. So be it summer or rain, enjoying the view is crucial in Dubai. So let’s understand more about this lounge.

UMA Lounge And Terrace Moved Indoors For Summers

The wildly famous UMA Lounge and Terrace within the Burj Al Arab has relocated indoors just in time for the summer’s sweltering heat. The UMA Lounge and Terrace inside, which is situated on the deck of the world’s most famous hotel, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, offers visitors unique access to fine food and breathtaking views.

IBAA visitors may still experience UMA’s outdoor Lounge and Terrace, which has a selection of extremely sophisticated outdoor seating places ideal for small, late-night groups if they want to take in breathtaking sunsets and unobstructed views of the Arabian Gulf.

The Inside Burj Al Arab offers a variety of premium luxury excursions, from sunset tours with premium beverages to tours with delectable dining experiences, for guests wishing to elevate their interior UMA experience. One of Dubai’s top tourist destinations, Inside Burj Al Arab offers privileged tours and a breathtaking look inside the all-suite hotel, which is renowned for its avant-garde architecture, cutting-edge design, and luxurious interiors.

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Redeemable Passes And More

Visitors may attend the specialised lounge while making a reservation at UMA’s Premium Cabana Lounge, beginning at AED 1,200 per cabana, fully redeemable on drinks. Each exquisitely crafted cabana, which can accommodate up to six guests, is tucked away inside the venue’s breathtaking outdoor environment. It’s the ideal place to gather with friends for cocktails as the sun sets. The trendy Sunset Lounge at the venue is also accessible. The Sunset Lounge starts at AED 1,000 for parties of up to five and is magical throughout the day, but especially during golden hour. The Cocktail Area at UMA is the best place to go for informal sundowners. The Sunset Lounge offers full redemption on beverages in addition to reservations for up to four people beginning at AED 250 per person.

Come enjoy summer with a view at UMA Lounge and Terrace.

Cover Image Courtesy: UMA Lounge And Terrace