Butter Chicken Or Chicken Tikka Masala, What’s The Difference? Even Saransh Goila Is Confused

by Sanjana Shenoy
Butter Chicken Or Chicken Tikka Masala, What’s The Difference? Even Saransh Goila Is Confused

The best way to enjoy chicken is if it’s cooked in a rich Indian tomato gravy with oodles of butter. But which one are we talking about? There’s Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala even Murg Lababdar. And they all have tomato gravy, so what’s the difference? Not just us even Chef Saransh Goila has no answer.

Saransh Goila Jokes ‘All Chicken Tomato-Based Gravies Are Same’!

Chef Saransh Goila who often sets the Internet on fire with his Delishaas recipes, recently shared a super relatable Instagram post. There’s a meme-like picture of Saransh Goila holding his head in frustration. Why is that? Well, the post suggests that’s exactly what he feels when a customer asks him the difference between Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, Murg Amritsari, Murg Makhani, Murg Lababdar and Chicken Makhmali.


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In his caption, he states that meanwhile there are 100 kinds of paneer dishes hiding in a corner. He hilariously calls this a “Sita aur Gita” or a “Ram aur Shyam” or a “Raghu and Rajiv” situation. They are one and the same. Chef Saransh Goila states that every time someone asks him the difference he experiences “Hera Pheri scenes”.

In his opinion, it’s a simple situation. A smart restaurateur, 100 years ago, took Chicken added any of the above-mentioned name on the menu next to it. Next, the restaurateur mixed one or two gravies together like a formula to keep customers, engaged, happy and thoroughly confused.

Netizens Comment “Sab Golmaal Hai!”

Well, if Chef Saransh Goila, the genuis behind the delishaas Goila’s Butter Chicken himself can’t tell the difference, then who are we kidding! Well, Netizens had quite a field day in the comments section of his relatable post. One commented that it’s all about preparing a generic tomato-cashew gravy and then using permutation and combination, to prepare different dishes out of it.

saransh goila

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Another Instagrammer rightly commented “Golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai”. Yet another person suggested the next time a customer asks him this question, just answer “It’s a chef’s secret”. Then there was a comment that stated Murg Makhani is Butter Chicken in Hindi.

Meanwhile, foodies, what do you think about Chef Saransh Goila’s honest-to-God confession? Is your confusion about the same laid to rest?

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