By 2025, AI Taxis WIll Be Plying Dubai Streets Marking The Future Of Transportation

by Deeplata Garde
By 2025, AI Taxis WIll Be Plying Dubai Streets Marking The Future Of Transportation

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) is poised to revolutionize the transportation landscape in the bustling metropolis of Dubai. It has unveiled its ambitious plans to introduce AI-powered taxis by the year 2025. The announcement of the DTC’s plans to launch AI taxis has generated a buzz of excitement and anticipation among residents and visitors alike.

Dubai Taxi Corporation To Revolutionize Transportation In The Emirates

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) division known as the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has introduced its comprehensive digital transformation strategy for the period 2022-2025. This strategic plan encompasses an array of endeavours focused on artificial intelligence, intelligent revenue management, the Internet of Things, advancements in smart city infrastructure, harnessing big data, enhancing governance and security systems, modernizing and automating processes, transitioning towards paperless operations, proactive future-oriented transformations, and the implementation of intelligent services.

The incorporation of AI-driven taxi services aligns seamlessly with the Dubai Taxi Corporation’s (DTC) overarching vision. It includes encompassing digital mobility, operational excellence, financial resilience, customer delight, and forward-looking influence. This AI-centric strategy entails several pioneering initiatives. It is inclusive of an automated AI-powered response (chatbot) for addressing customer inquiries, a voice-enabled virtual assistant at the call centre for swift and personalized customer interactions, a sophisticated system for predicting taxi demand to optimize vehicle allocation based on input data, and a cutting-edge driver facial recognition system to ensure driver identity verification and stringent adherence to security protocols.

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AI To Improve Customer Service Experience In Dubai

Incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) into the AI initiatives will further elevate the customer experience and amplify the promotion of DTC’s array of services. This innovative approach encompasses the integration of onboard sensors and seamlessly linked to internal systems. They will also enable proactive notifications prior to the emergence of any potential malfunctions.

By aiming for the rollout of AI-driven taxi services by 2025, DTC is aiming for the future of rapid transportation. The advent of AI taxi services promises advantages not only for passengers but also for drivers. They will gain access to enhanced data and insights to elevate their performance and income.

DTC’s resolute commitment to digital transformation stands as a testament to its visionary leadership within the taxi industry.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ DTC