Cab Aggregators Like Ola And Uber Should Offer Rebate If Driver Cancels, Maha Govt Panel Suggests

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Cab Aggregators Like Ola And Uber Should Offer Rebate If Driver Cancels, Maha Govt Panel Suggests

All people who frequently use cab aggregators like Ola and Uber know how heartbreaking it is when drivers make you wait for your ride and then suddenly cancel it. Well, it is something even the rarest users have witnessed. Looking at this, a panel appointed by the Maharashtra government has come up with certain suggestions. One of them includes a rebate if the driver cancels the ride.

Cab Aggregators Should Offer Rebate If Driver Cancels

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According to a panel constituted by the Maharashtra government, passengers who use cab aggregators like Uber and Ola should be given a refund in the event that a cab driver cancels a ride. When a passenger cancels a ride, the aggregators now charge a fee.

The committee has suggested that a taxi should have no more than 20 minutes to arrive at the pickup location; after that time, a punishment should be assessed for the delay. Additionally, regional transport officials may now have the authority to remove an aggregator cab from the list if it is determined to be in unsafe condition.

The group was established in April, and a final report will soon be submitted for the required clearance. The team is led by former bureaucrat Sudhirkumar Shrivastava.

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Complaints From Passengers

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Longtime complaints have been made about aggregator cabs canceling journeys after accepting them. According to these complaints, it has been suggested that passengers be paid for the time spent waiting for the aggregator cab, as unnamed transport department officials stated.

Given that the waiting time for aggregator cabs has increased by 6–10 minutes or even more during peak hours, the draft guidelines provide passengers with optimism.

According to officials, the RTO authorities may also have the authority to revoke the vehicle authorization due to the taxis’ overall condition and fitness. Currently, the aggregator chooses the course of action in the event that a passenger lodges a complaint via the mobile app based on the entire ride experience, ride quality, vehicle condition, etc. (As per Hindustan Times)

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