Cabanas, Sunset Lounge, Uninterrupted Sea Views, Burj Al Arab’s New Bar & Lounge Is Dreamy

by Deeplata Garde
Cabanas, Sunset Lounge, Uninterrupted Sea Views, Burj Al Arab’s New Bar & Lounge Is Dreamy

The plethora of luxurious lounges in Dubai has no limit to it. And Burj Al Arab has got one more to surprise us. A New lounge has been introduced on the deck of this iconic building and we can’t have enough of its grandeur. The milky interiors, the cabanas, the views and everything looks inviting to us. So let’s take a sneak peek at it.

UMA Lounge Is The Latest Addition To The Burj Al Arab Dining Scene

Were you looking for an alfresco setup with uninterrupted views of the sea? UMA Lounge at Burj Al Arab will satisfy your requirements. The facility includes incredibly sophisticated outdoor seating options, from lovely cabanas and a large sunset patio to cocktail tables. Bespoke, uninterrupted sea views are served here with the food and beverages. The décor was inspired by the Milky Way galaxy.

At the Premium Cabana Lounge, you may find seclusion in a chic outdoor setting. A maximum of six people can fit in each exquisitely constructed cabana, making them the perfect spot to unwind with loved ones while enjoying items from the à la carte menu.

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Catch The Golden Hours Here

 Burj Al Arab'
Pic Creds: InsideBurjAlArab

It’s the perfect place for organized events of friends and family. As suggested each private seating space can hold up to five people. It is wonderful during the day but especially evocative at sunset. Immerse yourself in a luxurious experience at the private table by the water under the shadow of the Burj Al Arab. Savour delectable à la carte meals and perfectly made cocktails.

The magnificent setting and warm ambience will leave you wanting more. Each Beachfront Cocktail Table seats two to four people. Food and drinks are included in three Bar Combo packages at UMA Lounge. The Pizza + Beer package (starting at 315 AED) is great for people, while Bites + Drinks is great for couples. And finally, the third option, Cheese + Wine, is fantastic for sharing with a few friends.

Whom are you coming with? Nonetheless the options available are suitable for couples to groups coming over to this mesmerizing venue.

Cover Image Courtesy: InsideBurjAlArab