Cafe Arpan In Mumbai Is Run By Intellectually Challenged Adults

by Kritika Kukreja
Cafe Arpan In Mumbai Is Run By Intellectually Challenged Adults

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Care Arpan in Juhu is truly a cafe with a cause with developmentally challenged adults for kitchen duty, and service.

What Is It?

We’re all looking for unique experiences when it comes to food and Juhu’s newest Cafe Arpan gives you just that! It employs developmentally challenged adults with Down’s Syndrome, Autism & Cerebral Palsy and gives them a livelihood. There are 14 adults here working in 5-hour shifts during the week. As per their expertise, they switch roles and duties. Despite their challenges, these employees give you the warmest welcome in the cafe!

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More About Cafe Arpan

Cafe Arpan started in August 2018 and it has received a booming response from the public. Cafe Arpan started off with the help of Yash Charitable Trust for developmentally challenged individuals and now supports the livelihood of adults to give them a better life and help them pursue their passion.

The employees here have taken their time to learn skills of cooking, cleaning and service, but they’re good at their job. They’re polite, friendly and don’t feel shy to start a conversation with the customers. Sometimes, you’ll also find them singing to you to make your experience even better.

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Food & More

We loved the food at Cafe Arpan. Although, they have a basic menu with sandwiches, fries, beverages and desserts. We tried their Masala Fries with a sandwich and absolutely loved it! Apart from that, the interiors of the cafe are super cute with posters and pictures hung of the employees and it seems like a completely cozy place to enjoy a cup of evening coffee.

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Address: Cafe Arpan, IDBI ATM, Shop No. 20, Juhu Ruturaj CHS Ltd., Opp. SNDT Womens University, Next to, Juhu Rd, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049
Phone: 022 2660 0302

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