Can Adding Fresh Lime And Black Pepper To Your Food Help Lower Blood Sugar Spike?

A post on Instagram claims that adding lime and black pepper to your food can lower blood sugar levels, but does it really work?

by Tashika Tyagi
Can Adding Fresh Lime And Black Pepper To Your Food Help Lower Blood Sugar Spike?

To eat or not to eat? Does this really work? Should I try this? These are just a few questions you end up asking yourself after spending some time on the Internet. While we love social media, there is no denying that there is so much misinformation available online that it just ends up confusing us all. Today, we focus on one such Instagram post that claims that adding lime and black pepper to your meal can help lower blood sugar spikes. Does it really work? Scroll on to find out!

Fresh Lime & Black Pepper For Reversing Insulin Resistance

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Instagram handle, @medhyaherbals, is a page dedicated to Ayurvedic treatments suggested by Ayurvedic doctors. In one of their videos, they suggested that adding fresh lime and black pepper to your meal can help reverse insulin resistance for good. As per their claim, adding these two ingredients to your food can lower blood sugar spike by up to 15-20%. Now, we all know how maintaining blood sugar levels for diabetic patients is a task. So, how does this work?

In support of their claim, they explained in the post that citric lime can help lower the GI (glycaemic index) of the food. They explained that the acidity in lime juice can “interfere with starch digestion, resulting in a slower rise in blood sugar.” On the other hand, adding black pepper powder may enhance insulin sensitivity. They have mentioned that some studies suggest that black pepper can “activate pathways that improve your body’s ability to utilise glucose (sugar).” However, they did mention that the research is still ongoing on this claim.

Not just that, in this post, the page even suggested how you can make a Blood Sugar Balancing Plate. For this, you will have to fill half your plate with non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and peppers. Then, for a quarter of your plate, they suggest adding lean protein like chicken, fish, and lentils; while the other quarter should feature whole grains like rice, quinoa or healthy fats like avocado and nuts. On top of this, you can add flavour boosters like fresh herbs and spices like lime juice, black pepper, and turmeric to help lower your blood sugar and also keep your gut healthy.

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Does Lime & Black Pepper Really Help Lower Blood Sugar?

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According to a report in The Indian Express, it has been noted that adding lemon or lime to your water, salad, or meals helps slow down the digestion process for carbohydrates. This further allows glucose to be released into the bloodstream at a much slower pace. In the report, they spoke to several dietitians and nutritionists to find out if adding lime and black pepper helps, as claimed by the post.

As per one of them, the Vitamin C in lime can lower inflammation and oxidative stress, which can also boost insulin sensitivity. Meanwhile, the piperine in black pepper ensures better nutrient absorption and metabolism functioning. This can, in turn, help regulate blood sugar levels and improve sensitivity to insulin and glucose metabolism. This means, adding lime and black pepper to your food can help control your blood sugar levels.

Wow, it is amazing how two simple and widely available ingredients can help you lower your blood sugar spike. Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section.

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