You Can Vacation In Mexico For 6 Months And Earn 39 Lakh While You Enjoy!

by Kritika Kukreja
You Can Vacation In Mexico For 6 Months And Earn 39 Lakh While You Enjoy!

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You can now travel to Mexico and have an awesome vacation at Mexico’s finest beaches and explore the city, and still earn 39 lakhs. 

What Is It?

Get paid to travel? Isn’t that everyone’s dream? Now you can actually fulfill your life’s dream by signing up for this website. It allows you to travel and get paid, but what do you have to do? You just need to be on point with your Instagram and other social media skills! 

As per the Cancun city offer, you can visit Cancun in Mexico for a 6 month-long vaca-y. The catch is that you need to travel, explore, capture and post about the experience on your social media handles. This is an actual job and you can earn 39 lakh out of it! 

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Now travel to Mexico and earn 39 lakhs

What Do We Know? 

The travel offer comes with a stay of all the luxurious villas and fun-filled adventures of the place. The registration ends 17th December, 2017. The selection will be done through a screening process. If you’re one of the few lucky winners, you get to travel and live your life, plus earn a package of 6.5 lakh per month! 

So you can relax at the lovely beaches, or interact with the locals or have fun the exciting nightlife scenes at Cancun. The trip also includes visiting ancient pyramids or explore the wonderful wildlife. 

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Last date: 17th December
Offer: Earn 6.5 lakh per month

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