Can You Book An Auto In Bangalore For Just ₹6? This Woman’s Story Has The Answer!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Can You Book An Auto In Bangalore For Just ₹6? This Woman’s Story Has The Answer!

What can you get for ₹6 these days? Maybe a few candies kept on the counter of a grocery store, at the most? Even a bottle of water costs way more! Surprisingly, a woman in Bangalore actually booked an Uber auto for just ₹6. Yes, the same city, where auto drivers are known to cancel rides, say “Baralla” ( Won’t go in Kannada) and demand 1.5 times the fare. Not just her, even you can book a ride for pennies. Let’s tell you how!

Bangalore Woman Books Auto For Just ₹6 & Proves It’s Possible!

Mahima Chandak, a product designer in Bangalore, took to X (formerly Twitter) to share an unbelievable experience, especially for Bangaloreans. On her handle @mahima_chandak, she shared a screenshot of her Uber App, which showed that she booked an Uber Auto ride to Indiranagar. The ride which originally cost around ₹46, ended up costing just ₹6.

In a city known for its high cab and auto fares, this is beyond imagination. Not just for us, but even for @mahima_chandak. The Bangalore girl herself couldn’t believe, her auto ride in Indiranagar would cost as less as just ₹6. Moreover, she got this auto in just 3 minutes and at an unbelievably dirt-cheap price in peak traffic hours. We’re talking about 9:55 am! She thought it was a bug. 

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Here’s How You Can Book Cheap Rides Too!

Let’s be honest, it’s not a bug and you too can perhaps book your auto rides on Uber for super cheap. And how’s that? Well, the answer is — Coupon Codes. Well, let’s refresh your memory and tell you how you can do it. The next time you book a ride on Uber, go to the left corner and click on Menu.

Then, click on Payment. Navigate to the Promotions section and then click on Add Promo Code. Once you enter the promo code click on Add. Once the code is applied, you will automatically get a discount on your next ride or ride.

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Bangaloreans, meanwhile do share your ride-hailing stories in the comments section. Have you ever got unbelievable discounts on autos and cabs that left you flabbergasted? We haven’t yet but we’re waiting for those good days!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva and @mahima_chandak/ X (formerly Twitter)