Can You Live Together With Your Partner In Dubai If You’re Unmarried?

by Deeplata Garde
Can You Live Together With Your Partner In Dubai If You’re Unmarried?

Unmarried couples in the UAE will now be able to cohabitate under the new regulation. The latest action intends to raise the standard of living for the nation’s citizens. The new rule goes into effect right now. But the twist to the application is that you will require your guardian’s approval to live as an unmarried couple in Dubai.  So now you can live together with your partner in Dubai.

Live Together With Your Partner In Dubai Legally

No imprisonment nor fines if you decide to move in with your partner in Dubai before the holy matrimony. According to the Dubai government, it’s a legal move to cohabitate. Unmarried couples and even relative flatmates were not allowed to live together in the Emirates until recently. The authorities have, however, hardly ever pursued or penalised anyone breaking the law in recent years.

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Laws For Indecent Acts In Relation

In the UAE, the crime of indecent assault has been brought back with minor changes. The spouse or legal guardian of the female participating in the relation must then submit a complaint before a criminal action for “indecent assault” can be started. Additionally, if the complaint (i.e., husband or guardian) withdraws the complaint at any point, the offence, proceedings, and fines shall be null and void. This is in compliance with Article 409 of the UAE Penal Code, which specifies that anyone who engages in sodomite with a man or female who has reached the age of permission is punishable with imprisonment for a period. The span of penalty is around 6 or more months in UAE.

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