Canada Asks Citizens In India To ‘Stay Vigilant & Exercise Caution;’ Updates Travel Advisory

Canada travel advisory
by Tooba Shaikh

An official updated advisory issued by the Government of Canada warned its citizens in India to exercise caution and stay vigilant. This updated advisory comes after tensions between the two countries flared given the recent developments between India and Canada. The updated advisory also lists places in India that Canadian citizens should avoid all non-essential travel to. Here is what you need to know about Canada’s updated travel advisory regarding India.

Canadians In India Asked To Stay Vigilant

Canada travel advisory

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The Canadian government recently issued an updated travel advisory. It warned its citizens who might be currently travelling in India to exercise caution. It asked its citizens to stay vigilant given the recent developments between India and Canada.

According to an article recently published in Livemint, this is because there are “negative sentiments” toward Canada on social media and calls for protests in the country. This advisory comes after the Indian government suspended all visa services in Canada.

India is also in the process of cancelling the registration of more than a dozen OCI cardholder registrations. OCI is Overseas Citizenship of India and is issued to people of Indian origin which allows them to live and work in India, along with their spouses, indefinitely. This cancellation of OCI cardholder registration of so many is being done on account of pro-Khalistani activities and anti-Indian propaganda by them.

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Places That Canadians Should Avoid As Per Travel Advisory

Canada travel advisory

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The advisory also issues a list of places that Canadian citizens should avoid visiting. As per the advisory, all non-essential travel to Northeastern regions like Assam and Manipal should be avoided. Furthermore, regions like Jammu and Kashmir should be avoided altogether.

The advisory also suggests omitting all travel to regions in India that share a border with Pakistan. In the advisory, it is written that tensions between these two neighbouring countries change suddenly and Canadian citizens might face difficulties if they travel in these regions.

Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat are some of the places that the advisory suggests avoiding travel to.

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