From Visa Services To Travel Ban, Here Is What You Need To Know Amid India-Canada Ongoing Tensions

by Tejashee Kashyap
From Visa Services To Travel Ban, Here Is What You Need To Know Amid India-Canada Ongoing Tensions

Canada and India have been working on relations and ties. There is a significant Indian diaspora in Canada, which contributes to strong people-to-people ties between the two countries. However, due to the rising political tensions between the two countries involving a killing, there have been major travel advisories. The advisory comes a day after tensions escalated between the countries.

There’s Ongoing Tension Between The Two Countries

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According to an article by BBC, travel advisories and general warnings have been issued due to the growing tension between the two countries, India and Canada. When Sikh separatists in Western nations have called for Khalistan or a separate Sikh homeland, the Indian government has frequently reacted to it.

Meanwhile, India has temporarily stopped providing visa services in Canada as of September 21, according to a website alert. Indian nationals, especially students, should follow the updated travel advice given by the foreign ministry.  “Important notice from Indian Mission: Due to operational reasons, with effect from 21 September 2023, Indian visa services have been suspended till further notice. Please keep checking the BLS website for further updates.” the notice reads on the website.

However, according to BLS International, an Indian business that provides visa services has updated the warning from the Indian embassy in Canada claiming operational reasons for the suspension of visa services “until further notice.” However,  minutes after claiming on its website, they retracted the notice concerning the suspension of visa services for Canadian citizens.

India is the country from which Canadian universities and colleges receive the most overseas students, exerting substantial influence in the country’s educational landscape. Meanwhile, around its missions, notably the high commission in New Delhi and the consulates in Mumbai, Chandigarh, and Bengaluru, Canada has demanded increased protection.

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New Travel Advisories

India’s Ministry of External Affairs has issued a travel advisory for Indian nationals and students in Canada, due to the growing tensions in the North American country.

Here are the travel advisories released by India:

  • Indians should stay away from places where diplomats and portions of the Indian community have been specifically threatened.
  • Indian students are also advised to exercise utmost caution and remain vigilant.
  • Indian nationals and students must register with the High Commission of India in Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto through their respective websites or the MADAD portal.

Canada has also released travel advisories:

  • Several Indian states, including Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, and Manipur, are included in the travel advisory. It urges its nationals to stay away “due to high risk of terrorism and insurgency”
  • “Due to the unstable security situation, avoid all travel to the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Terrorism, militancy, civil instability, and kidnapping are all threats,” the advisory says.
  • The advisory advises avoiding all travel to areas within 10 km of the border with Pakistan. There are also states mentioned Gujarat, Punjab and Rajasthan.  The reason cited is due to the unpredictable security situation, and the presence of landmines and unexploded ordnance.

Please exercise caution and remain vigilant when travelling.

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