Cat Owner Tries To Hide His Food From Pet But Fails; You Can Run But You Can’t Hide From Me-ow!

by Tooba Shaikh
Cat Owner Tries To Hide His Food From Pet But Fails; You Can Run But You Can’t Hide From Me-ow!

People who own pets know what a hassle it is to eat literally anything in front of their non-human children. Pets can sometimes be worse than human children because with human children there is at least the potential of reasoning with them. But in the case of your pets, there is no such reasoning. To demonstrate how extreme it can get to not eat in front of your pets, a Reddit user and a cat owner shared a video on the social media platform showing his struggles.

Cat Owner Shows His Struggles With Food

Enjoying chicken without me?
by u/Found_new_username in AnimalsBeingJerks

Owning pets is a hassle especially if your pet has dietary restrictions. There may be certain food ingredients that your pets are allergic to or things that aren’t good for them. But if your pets are needy and demanding, there is little you can do to restrict them.

The video in question shows the struggles of pet owners when it comes to food items. All this cat dad wanted was to eat his chicken nugget in peace. But alas! It was not to be! The video shows a man hiding under a blanket in order to avoid being found out by his cat.

But to no avail. The video shows the cat muscling his way into the nook where the owner is hiding. He even tries to bite off a piece of the nugget! The audacity! This short video hilariously captures the struggle that some pet owners have to go through daily.

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Comments Are A Riot

cat owner
Image Credits: Canva Images (Representational)

The short and hilarious video was posted on a thread on Reddit thread called “Animals Being Jerks” and as much as we love cats, it is very appropriately named given the cat’s behaviour. Naturally, it received many comments from people because if there’s one thing about the Internet, it’s that it loves its cats.

One user wrote “The face of betrayal.” Another person commented, “Share the kill human!” Commenting on the cat’s voice, one wrote “That cat sounds like a human trying to impersonate a cat.”

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Do you face similar situations with your pets? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: Foun_new_Username on r/AnimalsBeingerks/Reddit