Scared Of Leaving Your Pets Alone? Check Out This Ultimate Pet Care Solution In Dubai & Travel Stress-Free

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by Vaishalee Kalvankar

All pet parents would agree to the fact that they completely hate those places that are not pet-friendly. But sometimes, they do have to leave their furry buddies at home and then travel with endless worry in their minds. It’s true that there are pet sitters, but aren’t they too expensive? Check out this ultimate pet care solution in Dubai and travel freely.

Ultimate Pet Care Solution In Dubai

PetBae is the best option for pet owners who frequently travel. A personalised, cage-free, home-based pet care industry that treats your furry family member like royalty. 

With PetBae, you can finally unwind and take pleasure in your travels while being certain that your cherished pet is being cared for by a vetted, dependable, and trustworthy pet sitter. 

It offers a special and entertaining method of pet sitting, allowing your pet to stay in your house or with a reputable pet sitter in their own home while still getting all the care they need.

It is not only more pleasurable and personalised for your pet, but it is also 10-15% less expensive than the typical pet sitting service. Additionally, you benefit from the assurance that PetBae puts your pet’s health and safety first.


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Real-Time Updates And Personalised Care

When compared to the majority of conventional pet care facilities, the sitters on PetBae provide a more clean and disease-free environment. 

The flexibility to customise your pet’s care schedule, however, is what makes PetBae stand out. You may tailor your pet’s experience using the cutting-edge platform to suit their particular requirements and preferences. 

Additionally, you can get real-time photo and video updates on your furry friend using the chat system to make sure they are getting the finest care possible. 

PetBae is delighted to announce a special offer that will be available just during the month of June in honour of the much awaited launch and as a sign of their sincere gratitude for the unwavering support. Prepare yourself for a lovely surprise: all PetBae services here are now 10% off, giving pet owners the chance to give their beloved animals the opulent care they so well deserve.


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