Catch Oxygen Trio, Karmen Line, Eirini and Parekh & Singh At The Fridge Concert Series Season 40

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Catch Oxygen Trio, Karmen Line, Eirini and Parekh & Singh At The Fridge Concert Series Season 40

40 years of the Fridge Concert Series! The Fridge is turning back the years as they welcome Concert Series alumni back to the stage for never-before-seen collaborations with the newcomers of Concert Series Season 40 to celebrate this significant occasion. You can catch the amazing  Oxygen Trio, Karmen Line, Eirini, and Parekh & Singh live on season 40, collaborating with new faces. 

The Fridge Concert Series Season 40

The Fridge Warehouse is pleased to host a diverse lineup of bands for the 40th edition. There is music to suit every taste, including the modern jazz of Oxygen Trio, the distinctive alternative rock of Karmen Line, the infectious pop beats of Eirini, and the indie vibe of Parekh & Singh.

Former Concert Series performers will perform with these new talents on stage for one-time guest collaborations that combine voices, genres, and artistic styles to produce memorable musical moments. Season 40 will rekindle the flame as history and present collide via the power of music by pushing boundaries and sharing interests.

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The Ability Of Music To Inspire

Dreamy indie duo Parekh & Singh, a combination whose beautiful vocals and sparkling percussion have lit up numerous venues throughout the world, will close out the season of the Fridge Concert Series. 

As they are joined by the mesmerising sounds of cellist Clara Asuaje from Season 10, the Indian musicians will bring a magical feeling only appropriate for the conclusion of such a monumental season. This expertly planned performance will serve as a tribute to the ability of music to inspire, inspire others, and bring people together.


1. May 9, 2023: Alternative Rock

Main act: Karman Line

Collaborator: WYWY (Season 27)

2. May 10, 2023: Jazz

Main act: Oxygen Trio by Tarek Skaikar

Collaborator: Imbue (Season 20)

3. May 16, 2023: Pop & RnB

Main act: Eirini

Collaborator: Jay Abo (Season 33)

4. May 23, 2023: Indie

Main act: Parekh & Singh

Collaborator: Clara Asuaje (Season10)

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Will you be attending?

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