Caught with Tinted Car Windows In UAE? Pay AED 10,000 To Get Your Vehicle Released

The fine range for tinted car window starts from AED1,500.

by Deeplata Garde
Caught with Tinted Car Windows In UAE? Pay AED 10,000 To Get Your Vehicle Released

In the expansive landscape of driving within the UAE, the seemingly innocuous choice of tinted window can carry substantial consequences. It’s not merely an aesthetic preference; rather, it’s a matter intricately woven into the fabric of traffic regulations. Straying beyond the specified limits not only opens the door to financial penalties but, in certain circumstances, could result in the unwelcome impoundment of one’s vehicle. Navigating the roads requires more than just a keen sense of direction; it demands an acute understanding of the regulations governing window tinting.

Tint Fines In Umm Al Quwain

Umm Al Quwain Police, in a recent reminder to the driving populace, shed light on the repercussions of exceeding the permissible tint level. According to the Federal Traffic Law, those flaunting excessively tinted windows face a fine amounting to Dh1,500. Understanding the permissible limit is paramount, standing steadfast at 50 per cent. The advisory went on to underscore a critical detail, only side and rear windows are permitted to bear a tint of up to 50 per cent. Any transgressions beyond this limit invite not just a fine but a direct breach of traffic regulations.

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Tinting Restrictions & Impoundment In Dubai

Meanwhile, in Dubai, a city known for its progressive approach, the authorities have adopted a more stringent stance on tinting violations. Recent amendments to the traffic law, encapsulated in Decree No. 30 of 2023, outline the severe penalties awaiting offenders. Excessive tinting or the tinting of windshields without proper authorization can now lead to the impoundment of vehicles. The financial toll is hefty – a substantial Dh10,000 must be paid for the release of the impounded vehicle. This shift in policy underscores the city’s commitment to road safety and adherence to regulations.


In a landscape where every tinted window tells a story, UAE motorists must have information in the permitted limits to weave a narrative free from fines and vehicle impoundment. Umm Al Quwain and Dubai’s distinct regulations serve as a beacon, illuminating the path of compliance that drivers must tread. Staying informed and driving responsibly becomes the hallmark of a journey.  It is marked by compliance rather than penalties on the roads of the UAE.

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