This Weird Beard Party At Rajouri Garden Invites Everyone With A Beard

by Shreya Prasad
This Weird Beard Party At Rajouri Garden Invites Everyone With A Beard

Beard Is Not Weird Anymore

Who would have thought your beard can actually be your best friend? After Bhookha Bierdo and The Beer Cafe, its Rajouri Garden that’s celebrating the beard-ness of men!


It’s BYOB Party!

Heard that before? Well its not Bring Your Own Booze anymore, its Bring Your Own Beard!

Who Is It Meant For?

You guessed it right. It is meant for all the men who are proud of their facial hair – tamed or untamed! So, is this party only for men? Hell no! Ladies, if you rejected a guy just because he had beard, we would like to observe a moment of silence for you. That was probably your biggest mistake. Because at this BYOB party of Rajouri Garden, ladies who have a friend or partner with beard are invited too.

Beardraja and Beards Of Delhi have tonnes of activities planned for this unique party:

1. Grooming Session

All the bearded boys can get a grooming session by professionals. Even better if you are up for a makeover! I am sure you don’t mind some art work on your beard to get some cool quotient.

2. The Best Beard Award

Its time for some appreciation for all the hard work that you have put in. The organisers there will be looking for best beard. Make sure you take good care of your facial hair, a night before.

3. Unlimited Beer

Beer and Beard always go hand in hand. There are three ways you can enjoy an endless supply of beer.

a. Early bird passes with unlimited beer for ₹ 444

b. Enjoy unlimited beer with unlimited food for ₹ 888

c. Couples pass for ₹ 1616 where you can enjoy the party with your bae


Where: Rajouri Gardens

When: July 12, 2017

Timings: 9 pm to 1 am

Price: ₹ 444 – ₹ 1616

For bookings click here

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