Chandigarh And Meghalaya Have The Highest Recovery Rate From COVID-19

by Suchismita Pal
Chandigarh And Meghalaya Have The Highest Recovery Rate From COVID-19

With the biggest one day jump of about 20903 cases, India’s coronavirus count has crossed 6 lakh. The death toll is about 18,213. Among all the states in India, Maharashtra has the maximum number of COVID-19 cases. The total number of confirmed cases in Maharashtra is now around 186626. Tamil Nadu has nearly 98392 cases and Delhi NCT has about 92175 cases. While the figures in these states are alarming, there are certain places that are showing impressive recovery rates. Punjab’s capital city, Chandigarh and north-east’s Meghalaya have the highest recovery rates now from COVID-19.

15 Indian States Having The Highest Recovery Rate From COVID-19

The national recovery rate of COVID-19 in India is nearly 59.52 percent. According to the health ministry, timely clinical management of coronavirus cases has resulted in over 10,000 daily recoveries. The recovery rate in Chandigarh is around 82.3 percent. Meghalaya is in the second position in terms of recovery, with 80.8 percent cured patients. Rajasthan is in the third position, with 79.6 percent patients recovered. Also, here are 12 other states with the highest recovery rates.

1. Uttarakhand- 78.6%

2. Chhattisgarh- 78.3%

3. Tripura- 78.3%

4. Bihar – 77.5%

5. Mizoram – 76.9%

6. Madhya Pradesh- 76.9%

7. Jharkhand – 76.6 %

8. Odisha – 73.2%

9. Gujarat – 72.3 %

10. Haryana- 70.3%

11.. Ladakh – 70.1 %

12. Uttar Pradesh – 69.1 %

About a month ago, Chandigarh had also started a drive-through COVID-19 testing facility to ensure social distancing.

 Highest Recovery Rate From COVID-19
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States Where Maximum Number Of Patients Have Recovered

The places listed above have the highest rates of recovery. The states can also be ranked in terms of most number of cases recovered. As mentioned already, Maharashtra has the highest number of coronavirus cases. Surprisingly, the state has also recorded the highest number of recoveries. The total number of recovered coronavirus patients in Maharashtra is around 101, 000. This is followed by Delhi ( 63007), Tamil Nadu ( 56, 021) and Gujarat ( 24513). To fasten the recovery process, Mumbai police has even imposed Section 144, restricting movement of people till July 15, 2020

 Highest Recovery Rate From COVID-19
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The doctors, nurses and other frontliners are working day and night to put the pandemic at bay at the soonest possible time. The improved recovery rates show that their efforts are finally paying off. We too need to cooperate with them and assist in containing the virus spread by staying indoors and adhering to the protocols of safety and social distancing. On that note, here’s what the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad Sangma has to say on travel post-COVID-19: