Chaotic Traffic In Bengaluru: What Led To The Unimaginable Congestion On ORR Road On Sept 27?

by Shreya Ghosh
Chaotic Traffic In Bengaluru: What Led To The Unimaginable Congestion On ORR Road On Sept 27?

Bengalureans faced the worst experiences on September 27 because of the most horrible traffic congestion. Though the Karnataka capital is infamous for its traffic jams, Wednesday’s traffic footfall on the roads was simply the most unimaginable. Outer Ring Road is a popular tech corridor and a major number of vehicles transport here every day. But what were the causes behind the unprecedented traffic in Bengaluru?

The Outer Ring Road Saw The Massive Traffic Due To These Reasons

Here’s a glimpse of the terrible traffic jam shared on the X (formerly Twitter) platform by Rishabh (@imrishabh444).

The user shared that it took him 1 hour just to drive to his office gate from the parking area and another hour from the office gate to the tech park exit. And from the tech park exit to his home about 10 km away took him 2 hours.

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  • A long weekend is ahead of us with Anannt Chaturdahsi, Eid Milad-un-Nabi Mubarak, Saturday, Sunday, and Gandhi Jayanti falling one after another. Many people have planned short getaways on this long weekend and many of them left for the holiday yesterday. This is one of the reasons behind a major surge in vehicle count on the streets of Bengaluru especially on the Outer Ring Road.

Here’s a picture of the traffic from yesterday shared by Aniket Agrawal (@Maarwari_chhoro).

  • The number of vehicles was almost doubled yesterday, according to a report by MoneyControl. The traffic police noticed twice the count of vehicles on Wednesday. There were about 3.59 lakh vehicles at around 7:30 PM. A reason behind the uptick in vehicle count was Tuesday’s bandh.

This is what the Google map looked like yesterday. Adarsh (@AdarshMohit) shared the screenshot.

Other Reasons Responsible For The Traffic In Bengaluru:

Poornima (@supeoornima) shared a video of the congestion on the X (formerly Twitter) platform.

Continuous rainfall in Bengaluru is a primary reason for waterlogging and potholes in so many roads and places. These further had a negative impact on the unusual traffic. Waterlogged in different places and potholes in between the journey led to a major disturbance in transportation.

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People had to spend a long time trapped inside their cars due to the traffic.

Here are some pictures and videos of yesterday’s road congestion and memes shared by Internet users.

Have you ever faced such scary traffic experiences?

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ Aniket Agrawal (@Maarwari_chhoro)