Chef Creates Caramel Silk; Netizens Deem It Chidiya Ka Ghosla & Weaving Jokes Around It

by Shreya Rathod
Chef Creates Caramel Silk; Netizens Deem It Chidiya Ka Ghosla & Weaving Jokes Around It

In today’s F&B culture, any dish is not limited to its taste. In fact, it should look presentable and appetising to the customer. Several chefs aim to beautify their dishes with multiple ingredients. You will find various artistic pics of these dishes that look drool-worthy! Recently, a video of such food decoration went viral where a chef was making caramel silk to beautify the dessert.

This Chef Made Caramel Silk For Food Decoration


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Food presentation is essential for efficiently promoting food to the general audience. Before the first taste, inventive plating methods can whet appetites. A variety of elaborate techniques can be used to elevate desserts. However, nothing is more mouthwatering than gooey caramel, especially when it is combined with chocolate. Melted caramel may be moulded into stunning designs that will make your dessert stand out. A recent video showcasing one such invention went viral and generated several amusing responses.

A video shared by food_and_chefs on Instagram featured how caramel silk is prepared. It starts with the chef using melted caramel to build a bridge between two glasses. He continues to spread the caramel between the two cups by taking another mouthful. A short while later, we notice that a tiny caramel bridge has developed between them.

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The caramel masterpiece is carefully picked up by the chef, who then forms it into a circle and tops the ice cream treat with it.

This Video Has Sparked A Meme Fest!

caramel silk

Though this caramel silk looks beautiful and is perfect for food decoration, it has paved the way for innumerable jokes! Users have been commenting that it looks like ‘chidiya ka ghosla’ after being placed around the ice cream. According to them, it looks like a bird’s nest with an egg in it!

caramel silk

Moreover, a man actually replied with the bird nest gif!

One of them pointed out that this is an average bridge construction in Bihar. Several people pointed out that this is how a dish is made to look expensive. One of them wrote that the ₹50 dish will cost you ₹500 just because of this decorative item.

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Others are amazed by the chef’s culinary skills and want to know the secret of making this perfect caramel silk.

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