Chef Gary Mehigan Shares BTS Of Sri Lankan Airlines’s Industry Kitchen That Prepares 30,000 Meals Per Day

Chef Gary Mehigan gave his fans a glimpse of what goes behind in the industry kitchen of Sri Lankan Airlines.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Chef Gary Mehigan Shares BTS Of Sri Lankan Airlines’s Industry Kitchen That Prepares 30,000 Meals Per Day

If you’re a foodie, you’d know that Chef Gary Mehigan’s Instagram handle is one you must most certainly follow. With a deep penchant for global cuisines, and cooking techniques and a sense of warmth when interacting with the culinary minds behind the dishes he tastes, his passion for food is admirable. Recently, the former MasterChef Australia judge shared BTS pictures and videos of Sri Lankan Airlines’s industry kitchen that prepares 30,000 meals per day.

Chef Gary Mehigan Posts BTS Of Sri Lankan Airlines’s Kitchen; Admires The Production Flow


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Taking to his Instagram handle, @garymehigan, Gary Mehigan shared BTS photos and videos of what goes on in the expansive industry kitchen of Sri Lankan Airlines. Nestled in Colombo, the Australian chef says that this kitchen pumps out 30,000 meals per day. In his caption he admits that his post was a bit “cheffy”. 

He calls food production on this scale, a skill set that even chefs like him find mind-boggling. In his words, the size of dry stores, delivery docks and refrigerators in such industry kitchens gives one a sense of scale and volume. However, the real kicker, he admits, is the thought process behind the logistics, workflows and kitchen design.

Chef Gary Mehigan has often admired the dexterity of street food vendors and their command over their techniques and recipes. This time he is awestruck by the unique production processes that go behind ensuring hot meals are served to fliers mid-air. A feat to be admired, he says about Sri Lankan Airlines’s industry kitchen producing large volumes of food which can be tracked at any point right from production to delivery.

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The Chefs Prepare 67,000 Omelettes Per Day For Fliers

Picture Credits: @garymehigan/ Instagram

Also, he beckons air travellers to take a break from complaining about airline food. Chef Gary Mehigan understands that everyone has an opinion about airline food. However, he urges us to understand the work that goes behind ensuring we’re hot meals, 35,000 feet up in the air in the comfort of our upholstered seats. Seated in a flight flying 500 km per hour as we sip wine or beer and enjoy our hot meals, it’s not less than a miracle to have this food experience.

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He ends his anecdote by thanking Indrajit Chowdhury and Sri Lankan Airlines for showing him around. Gary Mehigan shared a video of chefs in the omelette section of the kitchen, preparing 67,000 omelettes per day. Prepared in a very specific shape, these omelettes are then blast-chilled and later packed. Later, he also shows a video of the kitchen accommodating 4 to 5 dishwashing stations.

You can also have a sneak peek of the chefs removing freshly baked loaves straight out of the oven. Large quantities of greens are also prepped and kept on the side, ready to be incorporated into flight meals. Many Netizens hailed the workings of the commercial kitchen. @antonymcneil also invited the renowned chef to visit Singapore Airlines’s industry kitchen.

Meanwhile, did his kitchen diaries from Sri Lankan Airlines fascinate you?

Cover Image Credits: @garymehigan/ Instagram

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