Chef Ranveer Brar Asks, “Which Modak Flavour Would Be A Hit?” And These Are Crowd Faves

by Shreya Rathod
Chef Ranveer Brar Asks, “Which Modak Flavour Would Be A Hit?” And These Are Crowd Faves

Ganesh Chaturthi holds a special place in Maharashtra. Cities like Mumbai, Pune, etc. buzz with excitement a few days before the festival and you will find pandals with Lord Ganesh idols. But most importantly, modaks are made in every house — especially ukadiche modak! And since Ganeshotsav is near, Chef Ranveer Brar has asked which modak flavour would be a hit.

Chef Ranveer Brar Asks About Modak Flavour & These Are The Answers!


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Chef Ranveer Brar, a celebrity chef and restaurant owner, took to Instagram and asked, ‘Which modak flavour would be a hit?’ Upon reading this, Netizens have flooded the comment section with answers. Several users have replied that the original modak would be a hit among people. Now, original modak often means ukadiche modak, which is made of rice flour, coconut and jaggery and is steamed.

Others have replied mawa and coconut flavour which is also used in making laddoo and barfi. Besides these, we came across some unique flavours like pina colada, rasmalai, red velvet, jalebi, kesar pista, chocolate, malai and so on. Also, many think that paan, mango, kaju katli modak will also impress people.

One of the users even stated that posto (meaning poppy seeds in Bengali) and modak would be a hit too. Another user elaborated by stating that modak made of roasted coconut and khoya with gulkand and dry fruit stuffing would be nice. Additionally, one person commented that paan modak with gulkand stuffing would be a hit.

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We also came across certain bizarre flavours that include veg biryani, dhaniya, dal makhani, cheese and so on.

Traditional Ones That You Should Make

Credits: Canva

Besides these flavours, here are some traditional modaks that you can make at home.

1. Fried Modak – This is crispy and flaky modak with jaggery stuffing.

2. Rava modak – This flavour is also found in several sweet shops.

3. Kaju modak – It is made with kaju, cardamom, sugar and with the help of a mould.

4. Dry fruits modak – A mix of dry fruits is used to make these modaks and they taste delicious.

5. Mawa modak – Besides ukadiche modak, it is the most preferred modak flavour.

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Comment below and tell us which modak flavour you like the most!

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