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Chef Vikas Khanna
by Curly Tales Desk

Chef Vikas Khanna is an icon and for all the right reasons. An Amritsar boy who struggled to run like a normal kid has now won the title of a Michelin Star chef and makes every Indian proud with his work in the US. There might be a lot of you who didn’t know about him being an internationally acclaimed chef but we all know him as the face of Masterchef India. What a charming personality he is! This same charmer joined our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani on this episode of Tere Gully Mein and it led to a lot of fun. Check out the video right now!

Vikas Khanna Talked About His New Book

Chef Vikas Khanna has an immensely talented soul. After establishing his position as an ace chef internationally, he did not stop. Instead, he went on to explore other sides of creativity in him. He is now a documentarian, an author, a filmmaker and so much more.

Right before joining us, he attended the launch of his latest book, Imaginary Rain. This book celebrates traditional Indian cuisine on the west coast and we believe he would have done justice to this intense undertaking. Of course, we were curious to know all about this book.

When asked, Vikas Khanna shared that the book is about forgiveness, moving on, and many more real-life emotions that everyone could relate to. He also shared that the book essentially revolves around an Indian chef in America who has been working there for almost 2 decades. The closing of her restaurant deeply saddens her and brings her back to India. But how the situation turns around gradually is what the book holds for us. Truly, we were intrigued!

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How Does He Manage To Do It All?

Vikas Khanna

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But how does one do so much? Is it easy to excel at so many things? Well, someone, who has done it is the right one to answer. We asked Vikas Khanna the secret behind him donning so many hats successfully and he gave his mantra. He shared that when he decided to represent India on a grand magnitude in America, he realised he had to create his own clock, his own time. He also learnt to never pause and let failures take him down. He always focused on moving forward.

That is some practical advice we must note down. To know more about his beautiful journey, go and watch the video!

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