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by Vaishalee Kalvankar

Exploring your favourite street food with your best friend is surely a stress buster, but how would you feel if Michelin-starred chef Vikas Khanna himself joined you for it. On this episode of Tere Gully Mein, our Editor-in-chief Kamiya Jani, got the opportunity to explore the streets of Bandra with the most revered Indian celebrity chef. He spoke about his journey, his childhood, and MasterChef India while relishing some amazing dishes. Here is a snippet for you!

Chef Vikas Khanna On Visiting Mumbai

When a person born and brought up in one city visits another, he or she is bound to get some cultural shock. Something similar happened with chef Vikas Khanna when he came to Mumbai for the very first time. Vikas was born and brought up in Amritsar, and today he stays in New York, but he has been to Mumbai several times. Kamiya asked him about his memories from Mumbai. He said that he came here for the first time because his brother used to work at Larsen and Toubro.

He said that he was very shocked to see that people did not know their neighbors. Being from Amritsar, he said that not knowing your neighbours was very weird for him. His brother asked him once what he was doing at the neighbour’s place, to which he replied that he went to check who they were. He said that they used to stay in Ghatkopar, and there he knew everybody on his floor, unlike when he came to Andheri

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He Is Not Only A Chef, Dons Many Hats

If you know chef Vikas Khanna, you surely know all the hats that he dons. For people who don’t know, let me tell you, he is a chef, a restaurateur, a documentarian, a filmmaker, an author, and a humanitarian. Kamiya asked Vikas about how he manages so many things. He said that in 2008, he thought that if he wanted to represent India on that magnitude from the US, he would have to find and work according to his own clock, and he did it. 

Kamiya Jani and Vikas Khanna explored the gullies of Bandra and relished some lip-smacking delicacies while having some fun conversations. If you want to learn more about the chef, go watch the video now!

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