Kamiya Jani Explores Colourful Walls Of India At Mumbai Urban Art Festival

Mumbai Urban Art Festival
by Shreya Ghosh

Colours always make us feel super excited and happy. No matter where we are, the colourful walls surrounding us give a sense of enthusiasm and excitement. These colours have so many stories to tell with all the art, murals, and paintings. You can enjoy a stunning day at the Mumbai Urban Art Festival and take a tour of some of India’s most beautiful and colourful walls. Curly Tales Editor In Chief Kamiya Jani explored this stunning place at Sassoon dock in Colaba. Before you explore the fest and join the crowd, let’s take a quick virtual tour of this place.

Explore The Colourful Walls Of India With Kamiya Jani

Mumbai Urban Art Festival is the celebration of concerts, events, fun nightlife, and more with colourful scenic views. Happening at Sassoon Dock, this fest is getting brighter and grander with lots of incredible art and lively presentations. Sassoon dock has a long history and an old relationship with the City of Dreams. Built in 1871, this is one of the oldest docks in Mumbai and also the first-ever wet dock in the city.

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To add more glam and glory to such an iconic part of the city, this place is decked up with lots of colours, delightful art, and murals.

What Does The Mumbai Urban Art Festival Have In-Store?

Asian Paints joined hands with St+Art India Foundation to curate the Mumbai Urban Art Festival. Mumbai port authority also played an important role in bringing this festival to life. Finally, the SassooN dock is getting painted with bright colours, adding glory to the place. There are so many incredible exhibitions and installations to check out as well.
Mumbai Urban Art Festival is home to 3 experiential spaces such as the Asian Paints Art House, the intuitions between the sea and the city, and the illusion between the sea and the city.

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The festival started on 22 December 2022 and will continue till 22 February 2023. When in Mumbai, exploring the Mumbai Urban Art Festival is a must! This fest is the best place in the city to witness some amazing art, installations, paintings, and more.

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