Chef Vikas Khanna Unveils 1,800 Kg Replica Of Konark Chakra At New York’s Times Square

by Shreya Shriyan
Chef Vikas Khanna Unveils 1,800 Kg Replica Of Konark Chakra At New York’s Times Square

Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna is now almost a household name. Known for his culinary excellence, the chef has won many awards and hearts. But this time, he’s making the headlines for something different. The chef reportedly brought the 1,800 kg replica of the Konark Wheel to Times Square in New York. 

Chef Vikas Khanna Unveils Replica Of Konark Chakra At Times Square

The iconic Times Square celebrated India’s 77th Independence Day with the vibrant colours of the Indian flag. But that’s not what took the spotlight. At the event, they also unveiled a 1,800 kg ‘Chakra’ sculpture, a replica of the famous Konark wheel, to honour the day, reported NDTV.

The Indian-American community gathered in large numbers at New York City’s famous landmark to celebrate India’s Independence Day. As per the report, Randhir Jaiswal, the Consul General of India in New York, raised the Indian tricolour at Times Square. 

The Federation of Indian Associations – NY NJ CT NE (FIA), a prominent Indian diaspora organization, organised the flag hoisting event, stated the report. Renowned Michelin star chef, filmmaker and restaurateur Vikas Khanna, also attended the event. He was one of the many present to celebrate the occasion, reported NDTV.

FIA Chairman Ankur Vaidya, FIA President Kenny Desai, along with other FIA officials, and members of the Indo-American Arts Council (IAAC) were also present. This is as reported by NDTV.  

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What Exactly Happened At The Unveiling?

During the event, Chef Vikas Khanna revealed a specially crafted Chakra Sculpture. The Indo-American Arts Council (IAAC), along with the Consulate General of India in New York and The City of New York, organized the event. It was the Inauguration Ceremony for The Indian Independence Exhibition, reported NDTV.

The exhibition showcased the remarkable Chakra Sculpture, symbolizing India’s cultural heritage and shared values between the two nations, stated the report. After dedicating nearly five years to bringing the Chakra sculpture to New York City, Mr. Khanna expressed his emotions to PTI. 

He described the sculpture’s unveiling at Times Square, coinciding with India’s independence day, as a “dream come true” moment for him, reported NDTV. Khanna in his statement to PTI also mentioned how bringing such a powerful heritage art to New York City is truly remarkable.

He said that it showcases the strength of Indian arts on a global stage, reported NDTV.  As per the report, the Chakra project began before the COVID-19 pandemic, and artisans displayed unwavering perseverance to see it through. With dimensions measuring 8 feet by 6 feet and weighing around 1,800 kilograms (equivalent to 4,000 pounds), the Chakra Sculpture stands as a testament to exceptional Indian craftsmanship.

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A faithful replica of the revered emblem from the Sun Temple in Konark, Odisha, the Chakra accurately reproduces the Konark Chakra. The original Konark Chakra, found in the Konark Sun Temple, is a meticulously carved stone wheel among a set of 24 such wheels.

Cover image courtesy: @TheVikasKhanna / Twitter