Chennai Airport Introduces New Passenger-Friendly Services

by Sanmita A
Chennai Airport Introduces New Passenger-Friendly Services

The tourism and aviation sector in India have shifted their focus on passenger comfort and over time, been upgrading their services to world standards. Train stations, bus services, and even airports are witnessing new development which seek to better the experience of passengers. India’s Chennai airport, was recently making headlines for introducing Sleepzo, sleeping pods for passengers who are on transit. Similarly, various such innovative services have been launched at the Chennai airport that aim to enhance a passenger’s travel experience.

What’s New For You At Chennai Airport?

Chennai Airport has the new baggage wrapping technology. This technology is available to the passengers within the city as well as with the airport premises. To use this technology, you can find the machine in the check in area of the airport. Also, in a welcome note for people who need help with carrying their baggage, the Chennai airport is providing assistance to passengers with baggage. This will come as relief to a lot of passengers who have extra baggage. Additionally, as part of the porterage services at the Chennai airport, you can also get a number of things done via the services. You can get assistance with arrangement of transport services, hotel bookings, and more. This will prove beneficial for the senior citizens who usually need a lot of help during flying. For availing this service, you will have to shell out an amount of ₹500.

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Sleeping Pods For Short Naps

Additionally, the airport has also constructed sleeping pods for travellers who are on transit. These pods have optimum space where an adult along with a kid can rest too. Similar nap pods or sleeping pods are available at the Delhi airport too. Introduced way back in 2017, Delhi airport, was among the first in India to launch sleeping pods for the comfort of passengers who wanted to avoid booking hotels for a short while and be safe while resting.

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