These Sleeping Pods In Chennai Airport Lets You Take A Nap During Long Layovers

by Sanmita A
These Sleeping Pods In Chennai Airport Lets You Take A Nap During Long Layovers

Travelling to Chennai and need a nap? Sleeping Pods, called Sleepzo have been set up at the Chennai International Airport for the tired travellers, who would want to unwind during long layovers or connecting flights. The Director of Chennai International Airport, Sharad Kumar inaugurated the sleeping pods for travellers who can take a small break within the airport. The sleeping pod facility was inaugurated mainly for the benefit of transit passengers to rest and relax on the go.

Sleeping Pods For Short Stay Passengers In Chennai

According to reports, the sleeping pods will be available to the passengers at the Chennai Airport on hourly basis. The airport officials also aim to introduce a pre-booking facility for the sleeping pods very soon. These sleeping pods have been constructed keeping the comfort and need of a traveller in mind. Take a look at what all it has within the defined space.

  • Luggage Storage
  • USB charger
  • Comfort Bedding
  • Charging Station
  • Reading Lights

The sleeping pods can accommodate one adult and one child, within the age of 12. The reason behind putting up the sleeping pods was to make travel and expenditure comfortable for travellers. If one is unable to head to the city to rest or book a hotel, getting into a sleeping pods and resting would always be best.

Are Sleeping Pods Really Comfortable?

Sleeping pods were never really a trend in India. However, with comfort and consumer satisfaction in mind, the tourism and travel industry in India is on a spree to better the facilities all across the country. A report from earlier this month, also reveals that the market is growing massively. Also known as nap pods, it won’t be much time, before it becomes a trend for travellers in India.

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