Chill In An Outdoor Hot Tub & Enjoy Stunning Sea Views In This Charming Resort in Goa

by Tania Tarafdar
Chill In An Outdoor Hot Tub & Enjoy Stunning Sea Views In This Charming Resort in Goa

From tropical islands to mountain lakes and sandy beaches, hot tub tend to make any getaway instantly more exotic. There are plenty of hotels out there in Goa boasting turquoise sea views and views. But only some put you directly on a hot tuband let you enjoy the sun setting on the horizon. The Cape in South Goa will ensure that you have the most pampered and relaxed vacation.

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Every Room Has An Outdoor Hot Tub

Cape Goa is perched in Cabo De Rama cliff offering you a lovely bird’s eye views. Every room in this property has an outdoor hot tub.

If you wish to take the luxury quotient up a notch, you can stay in the luxurious cottages with modern amenities and outdoor showers. If you are looking to spend quality time with your bae, this destination is cherry-picked for you. Bioluminescent Glowing Blue Waves Create Breathtaking Sight At Mumbai, Goa & Mangaluru Coasts.

The Villas Come With A Minibar

This property is famous for its mesmerising sunset of the beach, which you can have all to yourself! These villas also come with aesthetic interiors and a minibar.

So, you do not have to worry about stepping your foot outside the property for booze. Not only will you get drinks of your choice but the menu is so eclectic that you’ll be spoilt for choice! Here are10 Authentic Goan Foods You Have Probably Missed In Your Goa Trips

So, if you want uninterrupted sea views, ditch the crowd in South Goa and head to the Cape instead. Besides, there can certainly not be a better way to kick off your New Year. Can it?