Chill With A View: Head To These 7 Boutique Hotels In India With Stunning Open-Air Jacuzzis

Jacuzzi with a view
by Mallika Khurana

We all know the charm that fancy baths and pools hold. That charm goes up multiple levels when there are exquisite views involved. For the same reason, infinity pools have been all the rage for a while. However, this is another concept that is here to take its place. With a more private and cosy feel and temperature control, of course, jacuzzis are taking all the attention. If you are wishing to try it, check out these 7 boutique hotels in India with jacuzzis with gorgeous views.

7 Hotels With Jacuzzis With A View

1. Ayatana, Coorg


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Offering you a serene experience on the glorious western ghats, this amazing resort in Coorg is one of the best places to enjoy dipping in a jacuzzi with a view. With Ayatana, get ready for an elegant holiday.

Where: Mallalli Water Falls Rd, Kumaralli, Karnataka
Check-in time: 2 pm onwards
Cost: Starting at ₹22,740/night

2. Ramathra Fort, Rajasthan

Ramathra Fort

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This exclusive fort-turned-hotel will give you holiday vibes like no other. Apart from all the amenities you need for the royal treatment, this hotel also has a jacuzzi on the roof. Yes, you got that right. While taking a dip in this brilliant tub, you can gaze over the great countryside view.

Where: Karauli, Rajasthan
Check-in time: 12 pm onwards
Cost: Starting at ₹28,380/night

3. The Tamara, Coorg


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If you are planning a trip to Coorg, you must check out the Eden Lotus Cottage at the Tamara. This cottage offers a private jacuzzi for a serene experience amid nature. This spacious tub will bring you beautiful views of the valley, made better by the floating food trays arranged by the hotel team. Perfect, right?

Where: Madikeri Taluk, Kodagu, Coorg
Check-in time: 2 pm onwards
Cost: Starting at ₹20,260/night

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4. Chalet Windflower, Manali

Chalet Windflower

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Are you ready to take a trip to Manali? Don’t forget to enjoy the jacuzzis with that magnificent view of the mountains! Chalet Windflower is dedicated to delivering great experiences, and the sauna and jacuzzi are just a few of its offerings.

Where: Manali, Himachal Pradesh
Check-in time: 2 pm onwards
Cost: Starting at ₹36,020/night

5. Homestead, Jim Corbett National Park


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What sounds better than sipping on some wine while chilling in a jacuzzi? Nothing, right? Well, that is exactly what Homestead in Jim Corbett National Park offers. Surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna, you will never want to leave this place.

Where: Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand
Check-in time: 2 pm onwards
Cost: Starting at ₹8,928/ night

6. Mantra, Lonavala


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After a day of touring around during a holiday, what will make your day perfect? For us, nothing tops a dip in a jacuzzi, and we are sure you will agree. If that sounds ideal for you, Mantra in Lonavala is the perfect weekend getaway spot for you.

Where: Lonavala, Maharashtra
Check-in time: 2 pm onwards
Cost: Starting at ₹45,464/ night

7. Villa Amari, Pawna


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When it comes to enjoying picturesque holidays, you simply cannot go wrong with Villa Amari in Pawna. Especially with the open-to-the-sky jacuzzi, you will be able to appreciate the serene beauty around you so much better.

Where: Pawna, Lonavala, Maharashtra
Check-in time: 1 pm onwards
Cost: Starting at ₹60,000/ night

So, where are you heading first?

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