Viral Video: Korean Man Nails Bihari Accent Fluently, Netizens Are Impressed

by Vaishalee Kalvankar

Languages are simply magical. Every language has its own beauty and tends to connect people in different ways. We automatically smile when we see someone speak our native language, especially a foreigner. Well, something similar happens in a viral video. The video features a Korean man speaking in a Bihari accent that is too fluent to believe. The video has impressed netizens beyond words. 

Korean Man Talks In Bihari Accent

We are all generally taken by surprise when we see a foreigner take up our local language and speak it fluently. Well, the video will give you the same vibe! A video uploaded by prashant_lurique has gone viral on the internet. 

The video features Prashant Kumar and a South Korean man named Charlie. Charlie shows his amazing fluency in a Bihari accent as he talks to Prashant. The two engage in a conversation and talk about the city of Patna, where the video is being shot. Charlie talks about what he feels has changed as he returns to Patna after three years. 

He talks about how Patna has changed to be better in the past three years as they stand near the Patna Marine Drive. 


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Desis Are Loving It

The viral video has by far garnered about 59.6K views, and people have actually commented their hearts out in the comments section. The video has received over 70 thousand likes on Instagram. 

The two keep talking about Charlie’s experience in Patna. The video ends as the two enter a fair in the city. The video has another part as well, where Charlie goes to various stalls to check out the stuff available. He is also seen going near the rides and trying to get into one at the fair. 

Netizens were very impressed by Charlie’s accent and fluency in the language. They were all praises in the comments section. People were proud that their language is going global. 


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Cover Image Courtesy: @prashant_lurique/Instagram

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